18-Yr Boy Spent 10 Hours Cleaning Streets After Protest, Rewarded Car & College Scholarship

Hanima Anand |Jun 08, 2020

Yesterday, a happy-ending story took place in Buffalo, New York when a teenager voluntarily spent 10 hours nonstop to clean up streets after protests. Read full below!

Following Black Lives Matter campaign or George Floyd protests are hundreds of demonstrations burst out in the US and over the world. Though most protests take place in peace, still they leave damage on streets wherever they go through.

George Floyd Protests In Us 1
Protests burst out across the US after the death of George Floyd.

Sooner or later, kindness got rewards

Seeing streets full of litter left behind by protesters, an 18-year-old boy named Antonio Gwynn Jr. in Buffalo, New York, decided to roll up his sleeves and grabbed a broom to clean the streets, all by himself, during 10 hours.

George Floyd Protests In Us 2
Glass and garbage are what left behind by protesters.

According to reports, Antonio started his work at 2 a.m on Monday till 12 p.m. Some neighbors from an organized group also came to clean the damage but the boy has almost done the work when they arrived.

George Floyd Protests In Us 3
These volunteers are cleaning up streets after protests.

Explaining why he decided to clean the streets that day, Antonio told that he saw the streets covered in trash and glass after protests on the local news. He knew that people had to go through these streets to work in the morning, so he took the cleaning job himself.

His kindness deserves recognition, and he got rewards from his own community.

Boy Clean Streets After Protest
Antonio was shocked when he got a sports car gift.

The first gift came from Matt Block, a 27-year-old nearby. He gave Antonio a red 2004 Mustang car which he used occasionally. When checking Antonio’s Facebook page, Matt saw this boy ask for some car buying advice, so he decided to make his car a meaningful present.

Boy Clean Streets After Protest 2
He got goosebumps when his late grandmother also drove a red Mustang before.

Another local named Bob Briceland also gifted the high-school student one year of free auto insurance in his agency as a gesture of appreciation.

The next good news for Antonio is from Medaille College in Buffalo. The school decided to grant him a full scholarship to help him realize the goal of opening a cleaning business after graduation.

Boy Clean Streets After Protest 3
This is where Antonio will study before launching his cleaning business.

It is not the first time this boy steps out to help the community but it’s the first time he got such widespread recognition. He expressed his thank to people in the neighborhood but actually the world needs to thank him for his pure good deeds.

Updates on George Floyd protests

There aren’t any signs showing the end of George Floyd protests in this country. The campaign even spreads to other nations worldwide, claiming back justice for coloured people.

However, there are positive signs from authorities in an attempt to calm down the public.

National Guard troops have been sent home from Washington D.C while Minneapolis Council proposes to dismantle the local Police Department to rebuild a new public safety system which says no to discrimination.

Meanwhile, a lot of police officers and governors, not just in America but also in other nations, are showing support to Black Lives Matter protests. Just recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kneeled with anti-racism protesters in this country. His image got praises from all residents, delivering a peaceful message to all demonstrators out there.

Justin Trudeau Kneels Along With Protesters
Justin Trudeau is the first PM to kneel along with protesters.

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