Here Are 5 Most Beautiful Royal Women According to The Golden Ratio

Hanima Anand |Dec 30, 2020

These are the most beautiful women in royal families when using the ancient Greek’s golden ratio to measure their faces. Check who tops the list!

A long time ago, the ancient Greek had introduced their golden ratio which was believed to be perfect measurements of human physical features. In fact, these ratios are also approved by scientists who help to conclude who are the most beautiful royal women in the world.

Most Beautiful Royal Women
These royal women are praised for their nearly perfect physical features.

These women are, indeed, attractive royals but what if we use the golden ratio to measure their faces? Some have a surprisingly high level of matching, and most of them are alive.

1. Princess Diana, the most beautiful royal woman

Even without the Greek golden ratio, Princess Diana is always recognized as one of the most attractive women on Earth. Her fashion statements are also set as standards for many generations then.

Princess Diana 1
Princess Diana is a forever icon of beauty and fashion.

However, if we have to provide the evidence, here’s the fact. Princess Diana owns an almost perfect face according to the golden ratio, in which the face’s length is 1.6 times much as its width. The distance from the forehead to eyes, eyes to nose and nose to chin is equal to each other as well.

Generally, when comparing her physical features to the ancient Greek’s ratio, it matches up to 89%. This is the highest result scientists found among well-known royal women in the world.

Princess Diana 2
Every set of clothes Princess Diana wore could become a fashion standard.

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2. Queen Rania of Jordan

Ranking number two on the list is Queen Rania of Jordan. Actually, she can be called the most beautiful royal woman alive with 88.9% of matching to the Greek’s golden ratio.

Queen Rania Of Jordan 1
Queen Rania owns a nearly perfect chin and lips.

According to scientists, Queen Rania of Jordan shows the highest scores for her chin and lips, whereas her nose and brow areas score a bit lower.

Queen Rania Of Jordan 2
She looks youthful and attractive in a simple shirt.

Queen Rania was not born in a royal family but to a Palestinian couple. She then fled to Amman, Jordan with her parents after the 1991 Gulf war where she met her husband, Prince Abdullah. As he is now the King of Jordan, she becomes Queen of the country and devotes most of her time to advocacy work.

3. Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly

In the third place is Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco who used to be a famous Hollywood star as well. Though she only got 88.8% of matching to the golden ratio, her lips nearly got the perfect score with 99.8%.

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Princess Of Monaco Grace Kelly 1
The flawless beauty of Princess Grace Kelly

Princess Grace Kelly was born in 1956 to an affluent family. She studied at American Academy of Dramatic Arts before gaining stardom in the Hollywood industry.

When marrying Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956, she retired from acting at the age of 26 to begin her tenure as Princess of Monaco till her death in 1982.

Princess Of Monaco Grace Kelly 2
Grace Kelly, Rainier III, and their newborn son

4. Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle doesn’t score as high as her late mother-in-law but she is praised for her facial symmetry. Her nose shape and chin also score quite high in the golden ratio.

The overall matching level of Meghan Markle’s face is 87.4%.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle has an almost perfect nose.

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5. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the last in top most beautiful royal women according to the ancient Greek’s golden ratio. She scores 86.82% in general.

Her eye spacing and the gap between nose and lips are the most remarkable features that are closest to perfection.

Kate Middleton
After Princess Diana, Kate Middleton becomes an iconic figure in the British royal family.

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