Princess Diana's Old Gym Sweatshirt Sold For A Whopping Amount Of Rs 37 Lakh

Maanyata Thu |Jul 18, 2019

The iconic navy blue Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt that Princess Diana wore to the gym has just been sold at an auction for a whopping amount of Rs 37 Lakh.

According to reports by People, the old gym sweatshirt worn by Princess Diana was already sold for Rs 37 Lakh to a private collector in California on July 11.

Princess Diana Old Sweatshirt
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The navy blue sweatshirt, which features a printed image of the Virgin Atlantic flying lady logo, become iconic after Princess Diana was regularly snapped pairing it with shorts every time she hit to the gym. She later gave the famous sweatshirt to her former personal trainer Jenni Rivett along with her handwritten note that reads,

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Jenni Rivett offered it up for sale via the Boston-based RR Auction and is planning to donate all the money to a Malawian family in South Africa in order to help girls go to school.

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In a note accompanying the sweatshirt, Jenni Rivett mentioned that the sweatshirt was gifted to Princess Diana by Sir Richard Branson and it eventually became her most-worn go-to gym outfit.

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Princess Diana Old Sweatshirt
The note accompanying the sweatshirt (Image Source: Rex Features)

During a 2018 interview to Yahoo News, Jenni Rivett explained that Prince Diana decided to wear the same piece of clothing to as many gym sessions as possible in an attempt to discourage the paparazzi from taking photos of her.

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