Ex Adult Star Mia Khalifa To Auction Her Glasses To Raise Fund For Beirut Explosion Victims

Salena Harshini |Aug 11, 2020

Former adult actor Mia Khalifa is auctioning off the real stars of her brief foray into the adult world: the signature glasses she sported in her scenes.

Mia Khalifa, ex-adult movie star, is auctioning the glasses she wore in her scenes to raise money for the victims of the horrifying blast that destroyed Beirut last week.

The Lebanese-American has shared extensive links and resources to charity drives to give support to the capital city of the country since the explosion.

Mia 1
Mia is selling the glasses that she sported in her videos to help the Beirut explosion victims

Mia Khalifa only spent three months working as an X-rated star in 2015 yet she still became one of the most popular adult actresses, especially after she wore a hijab in a video.

The former star now works as a sports commentator and an activist against exploitation in the adult industry.

The former adult star has been avid to help support the aftermath of the incident

In the post that announced her auctioning off her glasses in support of Beirut, she wrote,

“100% of proceeds will benefit @lebaneseredcross and their tireless efforts in Beirut.

I’ve never done an auction or used eBay before, hence the typo in the title from my dog walking across the keyboard, but please spread the word or bid, or donate to LRC. I’m just trying to get creative, there’s always more that can be done and this felt like a cheeky way to raise funds and make sure the conversation and attention doesn’t diverge from this crisis.

Creeps are welcome, your money is just as green as ours!


At the time of writing has reached a surprising US $99,900 in only three days.


This time, the reactions have been quite positive for the innovative method of Mia Khalifa to raise a much-needed fund for the cash-strapped nation.

For the unversed, the leaders of Lebanon have resigned back-to-back post the tragic incident that rocked the entire world. The country is having its hard time and obviously, Mia Khalifa is complimented for her action.

Mia was exploited with her adult videos

Mia Khalifa got candid on her time in the X-rated industry, including her effort to have 11 videos of her removes from adult websites.

Although the videos reportedly make “millions of dollars” for Bang Bros - the producers, as well as sites like PornHubm she said she only got paid with $12,000.

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Her videos earn millions but she can only receive $12,000

Mia Khalifa has also reported to experience emotional distress and trauma due to the heavy backlash coming from the time she wore a hijab in one of the videos. She wants BangBros to take the videos down while saying that she was exploited.

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She is attempting to have her videos removed from the Internet

She wrote in a tweet last month,

“I just want B*angbros to stop actively putting me in harm's way by promoting my 6-year-old videos like they're new, making millions of ppl think I'm still active. The death threats are emotionally crippling, I haven't felt safe even going to the grocery store alone in years.”

Meanwhile, a petition that demands the return of her domain names and her videos removed has collected nearly 2 million signatures.

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