Mia Khalifa Raises Doubts Over Beirut Explosion - Has She Switched Job To Detective?

Salena Harshini |Aug 05, 2020

Ex-adult star Mia Khalifa sparks controversies after raising theories about the real reason behind the explosion in her home country Lebanon. Check out!

The former adult movie star who has Lebanese root, Mia Khalifa, has started controversy regarding the recent shocking Beirut explosion in Lebanon.

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Mia Khalifa becomes a detective, pointing out her doubt in the Beirut explosion scene

In her serial of Instagram stories she posted on late Tuesday, she shared the vids that the witnesses at the scene took. They display heavy blasts along with orange smoke emerging from the blast.

In one story, she noted “Fireworks” with quotation marks, apparently suspecting that the double blasts could have resulted from them. Mia Khalifa also cited the reports saying that the explosion happened at an ammunition warehouse reportedly under the possession of a Hezbollah militant group.

On Tuesday, a huge explosion occurred in Beirut port, claiming at least 78 lives and injuring 4000 others.

Mia Khalifa


The actual reason behind the blast in Beirut remains unclear with theories surround it. The port spot which was the explosion’s epicenter was home to a massive amount of highly explosive materials.

While the Lebanese leader said the Beirut explosion could be due to the long-time stored without safety measurements, US President Donald Trump stated that it looked like “an attack.”

As per Marwan Abboud, the city’s governor, half the number of the buildings in Beirut were damaged due to the terrifying blast.

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Lebanon “does not really love” Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is trying to help those in Lebanon post the explosion even though she feels that the nation does not love her back as it banned her for doing X-rated movies.

She noted in a tweet, "Beirut, my heart is always with you.”

Mia Kha
The former X-rated star was banned from Lebanon due to doing X-rated films

For the unknown, Lebanon has not welcomed Mia Khalifa for several years now because of her previous job as an adult actress.

Mia Khalifa has made multiple tweets about Lebanon before the blast happened and she has always displayed love to her home country.

She posted a tweet in 2017,

"Happy Independence Day to the country I love, but doesn’t really love me back #Lebanon."

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However, she has still shown her support for her home country several times now, including the aftermath of the Beirut explosion

The Lebanese-American sensation is very affected by the recent incident. She has been very avid on social networks, sharing details on where every one can donate blood or get help.

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