US Election 2020: Mia Khalifa And Kim Kardashian Urge Men To Vote With Their Sultry Posing

Hanima Anand |Nov 04, 2020

The two stars took to their Instagram steamy pics and urge people to vote for their US President in the 2020 election. Not sure if fans will go to the polls or not, but they are definitely moved.

The US election 2020 is coming to its end when most states have closed their voting spots to check the result. Some states have declared their winners, giving Donald Trump and Joe Biden 92 and 131 electoral votes respectively. Each candidate will need at least 270 votes to be the next President of the United States.

Kendall Jenner Us Election 2020
Kendall Jenner called for voting in her Halloween costumes.

For your reference, each state in America counts a different number of electoral votes based on their population and number of representatives in the US House of Representatives. California, for example, is the most populated state, making it the most profitable state to any US presidential candidate with 55 electoral votes in total.

While waiting for the US Election 2020 result, a lot of celebrities continue to post supporting words for their favorite man. However, among all the posts, the two bombshells Mia Khalifa and Kim Kardashian stand out the most with their sultry selfies.

Kim Kardashian Us Election 2020
Kim Kardashian didn't say who she voted, if not Kayne West?

Both going for a tight top which highlights their cleavage. They also let the hair down to cover part of their upper body.

When Mia Khalifa just captioned her evocative pic VOTE, Kim Kardashian noticed fans about the operation hours at the polls so people could vote without being omitted from the line.

Mia Khalifa Us Election 2020
Recently, Mia is actively involved in political and social issues.

Most fans get excited about the two posts but some worry whether Kim has voted her husband Kayne West who could never have a chance to win. Having said that, the sizzling poses from Mia and Kim have drawn massive attention to the election with over 2.5 million likes for both.

Mia Khalifa Photo 2
Despite leaving the industry, Mia still got huge attention from her fans.

Besides these two stars, many other Hollywood celebrities even go topless to encourage voting. Some like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Beyonce even publicly call for Joe Biden to be the next President.

Lady Gaga Us Election 2020
Lady Gaga is consistent with her chosen candidate.
Taylor Swift Us Election 2020
Taylor Swift also inclines towards the former Vice President.

The US Election 2020 result will be available within the next hours. Stay tuned and come back for more!

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