[BREAKING] Beirut Explosion Rocked Lebanon: Was It An Accident Or An Attack?

Salena Harshini |Aug 05, 2020

An attack or an accident? The reason behind fatal double explosions in Beirut is being questioned with two contradictories from the leaders. Read to know more!

A huge double blast in the Lebanese capital, Beirut city on August 4, has caused thousands of casualties and serious damages to distant buildings.

From the videos recorded by witnesses, the Beirut explosion near the port at central of the city created a giant mushroom cloud-shaped shockwave, shaking the entire area where the incident occurred.

Beirut Explosion
The explosion in Beirut left the whole world in shock

The deadly explosion

Two consecutive explosions claimed at least 78 people and injured thousands more.

Lebanon's Health Minister, Hamad Hasan, said many people were injured and the scale of the damage was enormous. Lebanon's national news agency also reported that a fire kick-started the explosion.

A BBC correspondent at the scene reported that everything was badly damaged, making Beirut's port dysfunctional. The blast left the port in ruins and buildings nearby almost to completely collapsed.

Local media showed scenes showing people trapped under the rubble.

From the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean, 240km from the scene, the explosion sound was also heard.

Hospitals which are already coping with coronavirus crisis were instantly filled beyond capacity, as reported.

Reason behind the Beirut explosion: An accident or an attack?

Hassan Diab, Prime Minister of Lebanon, said that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a mega explosive material utilized in bombs and fertilizers, had been stored at a port warehouse for six years without safety measures.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab called this a disaster and said it was necessary to investigate the responsibilities of those concerned.

Beirut Explosion 1
The blast sent the entire area into serious damage

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said that the Beirut explosion “looks like a terrible attack”, in contrary to the reports from Lebanese officials.

When asked if he was “confident” that the blast was not an accident but an attack, Trump told reporters that,

“Well, it would seem like it, based on the explosion.”

Beirut Explosion 3
"Future history books will need one chapter just for year 2020 alone." (Kabeer Khan)

President Michel Aoun convened an emergency meeting of the Supreme Defense Council, the president's office said on Twitter. Wednesday was declared to be the national day of mourning.

Sensitive time of Lebanon

The Beirut explosion took place amid the meltdown of Lebanon when the economic crisis of the country is creating social tensions.

Tensions also rose before the verdict of the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.

Prime Minister Rafik Hariri
The assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is sone of the issues the country is dealing with

Next Friday, the tribunal of the United Nations tribunal will rule on four suspects murdering Hariri with car bombs.

The latest reports come amid political tensions in Lebanon, with people on the streets protesting against how the government has handled the country's economic crisis since 1975-1990 civil war.

There was also tension in the border areas with Israel. Tel Aviv said last week that they had disrupted Lebanon's Hezbollah Militia efforts to infiltrate Israeli territory.

Here are pictures from the scene of Beirut explosion, credited to journals and social media users around the world:

Beirut E
Beirut port before and after the blast

Beirut Explosion 2




Beirut Incident
The world is in solidarity to pray for Lebanon

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