11-Year-Old Boy Jumped Out 23rd-Floor Window As His Girl Liked Someone Else, Miraculously Survived

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 22, 2021

Being rejected by the girl he wanted to date and get married rejected, the boy decided to keep his promise and jump out of the window!

After being refused by a girl, an 11-year-old schoolboy in Russia decided to jump out of the 23rd-floor. The heartbroken boy, however, landed on a parked truck nearby and was alive. Keep on reading to know more about the miraculous story.

boy jump from 23rd floor
A teenage boy was found jumping off from his 23rd-floor apartment but he was lucky enough to land on a truck and stayed alive after the jump

Last week, a heartbreaking case took the internet by storm after an 11-year-old boy jumped out of the window on the 23rd-floor, 70 meters above the ground. However, he was lucky as he fell onto a truck that was parked nearby the apartment. Although his health condition is serious, the boy is still alive and conscious. He was immediately sent to the hospital and is undergoing further treatment.

According to his leftover note found in his room, the main reason which made the teenage boy want to give up on his life is being rejected by a girl. It was one of her classmates who he wanted to ask out and even wanted to get married to later. However, the boy was completely disappointed as his crush has already fallen for someone else.

Boy Jump From 23rd Floor Alive
He was conscious but suffered from fragments and serious pains

The heartbroken boy skipped his class and left a letter for his parents which revealed that he swore to jump off the window if his girl didn’t like him.

The nearby CCTV recorded the moment the boy fell onto the front of the lorry truck. Although only a part of the truck is caught by the camera, it seemed like it buried a heavy force that the entire truck head was severely distorted.

Boy Jump From 23rd Floor
The close-up of the lorry after the fall

Although the boy was able to survive after the incident, he will surely suffer from serious pains as well as mental problems. The case also raises the alarm for all parents to be more attentive to their teenage children as this is one of the most sensitive stages in the children's psychological development.

“His note may seem nonsense to us, but a child at the age of 11 thinks somehow differently,” said the parents of his classmate.

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