How? This 69-Year-Old Pensioner Sneaked Onto 30 Flights Without A Passport Or Ticket Since 2002

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 22, 2021

Marilyn Hartman, a homeless woman in the US successfully sneaked onto 30 different flights since 2002 to complete her traveling dream, find out how did she make it through the security gate and staff!

While every person needs to pay a costly ticket and prepare all of their required documents to be able to get on a flight, a 69-year-old woman named Marilyn Hartman has traveled on more than 30 flights since 2002 with neither ticket nor passport. 

It seems like nothing can stop the plane-hopper from pursuing her dream of traveling around the world until she gets caught and faces a prison sentence. But how did an old woman manage to sneak out of the security check and airport officers to get on 30 flights within 19 years? Keep reading to find out the truth!

Marilyn Hartman
Marilyn Hartman, a homeless woman in the US successfully sneaked onto 30 different flight since 2002 to complete her traveling dream

A pensioner who dream to travel the world

Marilyn Hartman is a 60-year-old homeless woman who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, the broken and sicken woman has always been passionate about aviation and traveling around. The idea of sneaking into the plane came to her mind for the first time in 2002 when she was sheltering at the airport. Her tricks are so easy but they worked from time to time. 

In fact, Hartman’s stagey was so easy that she always tried to attach herself with other passengers, especially a large group. In other cases, she would try to skip the line and sneak over the boarding gate when the staff is checking someone else. 

If she’s lucky enough, she will find a boarding pass of other passengers who accidentally dropped it. Her tactics worked in most cases and if she was stopped and checked by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, she would walk away and said “It’s okay I don’t want to get anyone into trouble” and waited to try it next time. 

After passing the security and check-in staff and board on the plane, she will hide in the lavatory until finding an empty seat.

Marilyn Hartman 3
Marilyn Hartman was finally got arrested and face a prison sentence as being called a "flying risk"

A serial stowaway

Her simple tactics helped the homeless woman to be invisible and overcome the strict security systems of many airports around the States as well as international airports. She once landed in London, Paris, and Copenhagen.

The serial stowaway was finally arrested when trying to pass the security gate without any documents and ticket. This wasn’t the first time she was arrested but always got probation due to her sickness. However, this time, the US court has enough evidence to send her to prison as they address the woman as the “flying risk”.

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