20+ Genius Low-Cost Cosplay From Thai Guy Anucha Cha You Can Never Imagine

Hanima Anand |Feb 26, 2021

Hats off to this creative guy! During several years, the young and talented Thai cosplayer Anucha Cha has introduced countless low-cost cosplay ideas to netizens. And every single of them is genius!

Whether you are a fan of Hollywood movies or Japanese anime, you must have seen some low-cost cosplay ideas of this guy. His name is Anucha Cha Saengchart from Thailand.

Here are 20+ times he made us laugh AF when doing low-cost cosplays for the world-famous movie scenes and anime characters!

1 – Coffin Dance

Coffin Dance Low Cost Cosplay
Lonelyman and his Coffin dance

Why needs four people to do a coffin dance when you have the master of low-cost cosplay here? You can also do the same cosplay using a cardboard box and a large mirror.

2 – Shin Chan

Shin Chan Low Cost Cosplay
The most remarkable cosplay from Cha

The famous anime character of Japan turns out to be the easiest to mimic ever. With just a marker and his belly, he finished the impressive cosplay.

3 – Jon Snow & the Dragon

Jon Snow And The Dragon Low Cost Cosplay
Jon Snow doesn't like this shoe dragon.

I didn’t know we could recreate a dragon from the worn shoe, but Cha does. Though his Jon Snow version is not that identical to the original, we are highly impressed with his facial expressions.

4 – Bread

Bread Low Cost Cosplay
It looks so real, like he baked himself for that color!

Sometimes when he is tired of cosplaying fiction characters, he goes for bread, or hamburger. And the result is pretty impressive.

5 – Hamburger

Hamburger Low Cost Cosplay
A full-meat hamburger, anyone?

When people start thinking he would use his belly for a hamburger too, Cha used his chin instead.

6 – Jennie

Jennie Low Cost Cosplay
We personally think the cosplay rose dress is more fashionable than the real one.

If you are a fan of K-Pop, this cosplay version of Jennie Black Pink might haunt you for days. Anyway, his creativity is undeniable.

7 – Godzilla

Godzilla Low Cost Cosplay
Never underestimate his imagination!

The Thai artist makes use of very simple materials around him that go beyond one’s imagination.

8 – Naruto

Naruto Low Cost Cosplay
Look at those eyes and you will be hypnotized!

Another Japanese anime or manga character that has a rebirth via his low-cost cosplay is Naruto. We must say that the eyes made by eggs resemble the most.

9 – Conan

Conan Low Cost Cosplay
Cha has a knack for using his own body features.

Can’t believe he could think of this idea to cosplay the fictional detective Conan from the famous Japanese anime.

10 – Christmas Tree

Christmas Low Cost Cosplay
An unexpected Christmas tree for low budget

Sorry if you are reading this while having dinner. However, it could be an idea for your next Christmas decoration in 2021 right?

11 – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Low Cost Cosplay
Hope our Wonder Woman would like this low-cost cosplay!

He won’t let anyone out of his game, particularly a beautiful girl like Gal Gadot, the sexiest woman in the world in 2020. But using clothespins is just unpredictable.

12 – Billie Eilish

Bilie Eilish Low Cost Cosplay
He should be offered Vogue's creative director.

A totally eco-friendly low cost cosplay for Billie Eilish. Vogue should ask Cha for co-operation next time.

13 – CyberPunk

Cyber Punk Low Cost Cosplay
The supercool and cheap Cyberpunk

Along with his daily materials, the cat serves an important role in black-themed cosplay. This CyberPunk remake is a solid proof for its performance.

14 – Gold Fish

Goldfish Low Cost Cosplay
Wanna have a goldfish as pet? Buy tangerine instead!

Now we know another benefit of tangerine. However, we do not recommend eating these after sticking them to your face for cosplay like this.

15 – Titan

Titan Low Cost Cosplay
The cheapest Titan you can buy

We are just out of words to describe how amazing it is.

16 – Alien

Alien Low Cost Cosplay
The alien looks so real.

The Colgate charcoal must be really proud when supporting him in this low-cost cosplay of alien. But have you seen his another version of alien below?

Alien Low Cost Cosplay
Uh oh, never thought of this alien version!

17 – Zenitshu

Cha often cosplays Japanese anime characters for their unique appearance. With a quick look you can easily spot which character is though it might not be identical to the original.

Zenitshu Low Cost Cosplay
Playing with fruits

18 – Beerus

Another cat actor that deserves an Oscar along with its owner.

Beerus Low Cost Cosplay
This Egyptian cat deserves an Oscar for its acting.

19 – Minion

Buy a yellow hoodie and a magnifying glass and you will become a minion.

Minion Low Cost Cosplay
Where's his pubic hair?

20 – Among Us

The trending game is also present in our list of low-cost cosplay today. Though you may find his ideas ridiculous, they did inspire many others joining the same trend on social media.

Among Us Low Cost Cosplay
You can actually draw anything but can never predict what he draws.

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