Japanese Workers Rush For Secret Cosmetic Surgeries During The Pandemic Cause Everyone Wears Mask

Bhavna Acharya |May 18, 2020

It seems unrelated but actually a fact occurring in Japan. People are rushing to cosmetic clinics to get everything done before the pandemic ends.

We have heard of many bizarre stories during this coronavirus pandemic, and this time we will get to know why an increasing number of Japanese people do cosmetic surgeries despite the risk of coronavirus spread.

Cosmetic Surgeries In Japan
Many Japanese teleworkers make use of this time for cosmetic work.

The coronavirus pandemic has offered chance for many people in this country to do things they are hesitant to do before, such as cosmetic work.

According to reports, Japan is witnessing a surge in cosmetic surgeries and treatment. Most people who opt for these services are teleworkers. This is the best time for them to avoid other people while waiting the side effects of cosmetic work to disappear.

When going out, all people wear masks, which is also a good reason to hide swelling or unwanted signs of post-surgery.

Though waxing and beauty salons in Tokyo are required to close as unnecessary services during the pandemic, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology is listed in essential list. This helps many people to fulfill their desire.

Cosmetic Surgeries In Japan 2
Cosmetic clinics are categorized as "necessary to maintain life" in this country.

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Both men and women rush to cosmetic clinics when the emergency state was announced. Most women seek for therapies to smoothen their skin while men often come here for hair removal treatment.

A male client at a Tokyo clinic said that:

“I now have plenty of free time. I want to receive the treatment without anybody knowing about this since I have had a complex about my thick beard.”

Actually, he intended to go for hair removal treatment long time ago, but he knew that after the treatment, the skin would turn reddish while the area would become swollen. He was afraid his colleagues suspected he had the treatment. This made him uncomfortable.

Coronavirus In Japan
Everyone wearing mask makes post-surgery people feel comfortable when going out.

Reacting to the fact, Japanese government is showing concern towards the surge of cosmetic surgeries in this country which increases the risk of coronavirus transmission among community.

Though clinics do equip their staff with protective gears, many nurses still feel unsafe while working during this dangerous period.

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