Japanese Creativity: Use Monster Robots To Deter Bears, And Two Sesame Seeds To Fix Defective Cakes

Hanima Anand |Nov 17, 2020

The limited resource in Japan accidentally turns their residents one of the most creative people in the world. These two stories below are concrete evidence of what we just said.

Due to their stretched natural resources, Japanese are very disciplined, hard-working, and creative. To make use of every material they have, these people invent tons of weird but brilliant gadgets, ranging from the smallest things as a noodle splash guard to complex robots that can serve almost all human tasks in daily life.

Japanese Weird Invention
This noodle splash guard is one of thousand weird but effective inventions from Japan.

Today, we are glad to introduce two more brilliant ideas from Japanese citizens that sound impossible at first.

Robots in the form of ancient monsters

A town in Hokkaido called Takikawa has witnessed an increasing number of bear attacks recently, in which two people have died of serious injuries. Therefore, they have purchased two robot wolves to scare away wild bears near the region.

Japanese Bear
Bears are more aggresive in searching for food in November.

The proposal encounters skepticism initially but after two months of experimenting, there’s no report of bear attack anymore.

The Monster Wolf robot, as it’s named, resembles an ancient wolf in Japan many years ago. The breed was hunted to extinction and officially disappeared for a century. When this wolf type existed, it’s believed to be the natural enemy of bears in Japan.

Japanese Monster Wolf Robot 1
The threatening look of a Monster Wolf robot

Accordingly, the robot was designed with this wolf’s features. It has 4 legs, a shaggy body, a thick mane, and especially two red glowing eyes. When detecting the possible motion of bears, the Monster Wolf will move its head, turns on lights and sounds of wolfish howling. It can also emit other intimidating sounds to bears such as machinery noises to deter the wild animals.

Japanese Monster Wolf Robot 2
Children are also kept away from these scary robots to avoid possible injury.

The Takikawa city officials and residents are quite satisfied with the result after buying two Monster Wolf robots in September. They believed that without the presence of these robots, the wild bears will become much more dangerous as they vigorously search for food before hibernation in November.

Defective cakes turn best-sellers

Another inspiration for restaurant owners worldwide comes from a sweet shop in Nanyo city of Yamagata. This shop is famous for its delicious Kabocha Manju, a combination of milk, egg and pumpkins.

However, there’s a problem with the cakes. As they are too soft, they often crack and lose their original shape when cooled down. These defective cakes couldn’t be sold for customers before.

Japanese Manju Cakes
The cracked cakes are decorated with two black sesame seeds to resemble eyes.

The restaurant owner has a brilliant idea then. He uses black sesame to turn these cracked cakes into emoticons. Surprisingly, these cakes instantly become a new Internet sensation, attracting countless consumers to the restaurant just to buy these defective Manju.

Japanese Manju Cakes 2
Netizens are excited when seeing adorable cakes.

According to reports, these cakes can only be purchased directly at the shop, so lots of buyers have to wait here for a long time to get these adorable edible icons.

Japanese Manju Cakes 3
These imperfect Manju quickly become best-sellers of the shop.

What do you think? Are you impressed with those robots and cakes from Japan?

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