Company Gives Employees Paid Leave (Up To 10 Days) To Grieve In Case Their Idols Retire Or Get Married

Salena Harshini |Mar 22, 2021

The policy allows for bereavement leave when idols retire, leaving office early for surprise concerts.

Some companies are not sympathetic to their workers when it comes to physical and mental health. But with this company, the employees may want to stay for as long as possible with their new policy.

Employees can take days off when their idol gets married

Hiroro is a creative direction company in Tokyo that works in TV commercials and music videos. Shizen Tsurumi, its founder and president, is accepting the idea that his employees’ emotional and mental condition is important as their physical health.

Recently, he announced that the employees can take bereavement leave in case their favorite singer leaves show business. Therefore, they are able to be sad and sort their feelings out.

idols in Japan
Worrying about their workers' mental health, the company allows their staff to take a break if their idols get married.

For the unknown, the name of this new policy is Oshi Vacation System. Oshi is the term used in the fan community to refer to one’s favorite performer. Moreover, it does not have to be your ultimate bias who is retiring.

The system allows workers to take around 10 days up if their most favorite oshi retires. Meanwhile, they can take up to three days off when it’s their second or lower-ranked idol.

That’s not the end. In case one’s number one oshi gets married, they are also capable of taking 10 days for bereavement leave. By the way, those are all paid vacation days.

The employees are also permitted to split them up such as having multiple days off when there is an announcement of the oshi’s engagement. Then, the remaining days can be used when the wedding ceremony happens.

a music band in Japan with fans
Japanese youth are often heartbroken when their favorite bands retire or separate.

An ideal workplace

Shizen Tsurumi said two events inspired him to make Oshi Vacation System happen. One time, he noticed that a model employee was uncooperative and unfocused when the anime voice actress Nana Mizuki announced her wedding, After that, he also saw another employee feeling down as their idol unveiled she would retire soon.

The president told the employee that if he felt he needed to, he can take some time off. And he did. The boss then decided that an official company-wide policy is essential.

Also, it includes a framework that makes it easier for workers to request some time off or leave the office early when their favorite celeb has a fan meeting or concert. Even when there are “surprise concerts” announced within hours of opening, there will be a fast-tracking of approvals.

Japanese working in office
Though Japanese companies are well known for their strict discipline, they care about their staff's emotional health as well.

For those who are not in any idol fandom, this may seem overkill. However, Hiroro includes a belief on their website that “Nothing motivates someone to work harder than the feelings they have for the people and things that they like.”

The Oshi Vacation System does make sense if their goal is to keep the employees happy and productive.

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