The Famous Sexy Japanese Motorbiker Turns Out To Be A 50-year-old Man

Leela Adwani |Mar 18, 2021

The girl in the dreams of many Japanese men is actually a 50-year-old man.

A young and beautiful motorbike rider from Japan has been ruling the hearts of millions of men with her strong but s.e.x.y image. She has enjoyed a massive fan base on social media but recently the female rider has sh.o.c.k.e.d one and all with a stunning truth. Yes, the girl in the dreams of many Japanese men is actually a 50-year-old man.

Young Female Biker
Young biker with a beautiful face.

A social media star

“Her” social media account on Twitter is @azusagakuyuki with 18.3k followers. She frequently took to her Twitter handle to share cool selfies with her motorbike. Needless to say, every post got thousands of likes from netizens. Azusaga talked about her passion for playing around with her bikes.

Young Female Biker 2
She loves sharing her passion for biking on social media.

Exposing the truth

However, the real gender of this Twitter star is revealed. Reports have it that he has been using apps and with the help of Photoshop, he also changed his appearance.

Young Face With Old Arm
The unmatching arm

Many eagle-eyed people can notice some signs including a young woman with a very youthful face but an old-looking arm.

A Twitter user wrote,

"People fell for that? The face really looks fake and damn, that hairy arm.”

Netizens also spotted something untoward in another picture which was shared on 11 February showing the face of a photographer in the bike’s mirror.

The Person Who Took The Picture Was A Middle Aged
The Person Who Took The Picture Was A Middle Aged

Zooming into the picture, many realized that that photographer is a middle-aged man. The speculations around the real identity of this hot social media face started spreading like fire. Japanese Television shows were no exception.

The Truth Was Exposed On A Tv Show
The Truth Was Exposed On A Tv Show

This “young” biker was then tracked down and the whole crew was extremely sh_cked when the girl on social media was a man who has blond shoulder-length hair.

The confessions

The men revealed the secrets that he used a face-changing app on his smartphone. He did it because he wanted to grow the engagement for his posts.

Everyone Was Shcked
He wanted to boost the engagement for his posts.

Gradually, he realized that the beautifying process was also quite enjoyable, so were the likes on his posts.

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