Billionaire Jack Ma Suspected Missing After Disagreement With Chinese Government

Hanima Anand |Jan 04, 2021

The famous entrepreneur had some controversial statements on Chinese administrating systems before being rumored to be missing for around 2 months. See details!

Jack Ma disappearance in 2 months

Though there are no official reports yet, rumours are rife that the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has been missing for up to 2 months. Speculation starts to spread like wildfire after he didn’t appear on the final episode of Africa’s Business Heroes. This is a talent show he created to support African start-ups.

Jack Ma On Tv
Jack Ma disappeared from the public after his bold statements in October.

On its website, Jack Ma’s photos were taken down while his name was no longer on the judge list. Another Alibaba executive had replaced Jack Ma’s position due to a ‘schedule conflict’ as Alibaba’s spokesperson informed.

However, netizens doubt that Jack Ma had been missing for nearly 2 months as they didn’t spot him on any public channel. Before that, Ma was one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in China, who often appeared on the screen and shared advice to the youth.

Jack Ma And Africa Netpreneur
Jack Ma has many ideas to encourage African start-ups.

Moreover, Ma’s Twitter account remained empty for weeks. Before that, his social handle often posted several tweets per day. He also said he couldn’t wait to see the contestants of Africa’s Business Heroes, so it’s hard to believe he left the game for schedule management.

Jack Ma’s disagreement with the Chinese government

Netizens are guessing Jack Ma’s disappearance is due to his controversial statements against Chinese administration systems.

As Jack Ma is one of the most successful and admired people in China, every single word from him could have an immense influence on the public. However, his anti-regulation speech in Shanghai has enraged Chinese President Xi Jinping. This evoked rumours for his suspected missing.

Xi Jinping And Jack Ma
The billionaire clearly angered President Xi.

In October 2020, Jack Ma publicly criticized Chinese financial regulations and state-run banks as ‘pawnshop’ that ‘stifled business innovation.’ He also pointed out that the Chinese banking system was similar to an ‘old people’s club’ that needed total reform.

Angered by Ma’s statements, the Chinese government suspended the initial public offering of Ant Group which is worth $37 billion. According to reports, President Xi Jinping directly ordered this.

Jack Ma Speaking
Hope Jack Ma has prepared for this situation after the speech.

After that, the authority also asked Jack Ma to remain in China so that they could launch an anti-monopoly investigation in Alibaba Group Holding. They also required Ant Group to reduce its operations for no specific reasons. will update more information on Trending Worldwide.

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