How ‘Creepy’ China Social Credit Scores Ensures Their Citizens Are Fully Obedient

Hanima Anand |Aug 05, 2020

China social credit is planned to be fully implemented this year and in fact, millions of people in this country are being governed by this ‘creepy’ system.

While more countries are turning their back at China for what this greedy nation has done, stories about the Chinese intense surveillance over their residents start to emerge on the Internet. However, what helps one to fully understand the strict administration of Chinese government on its people is China social credit system with its ‘creepy’ mechanism.

China Social Credit System 1
You are watched 24/7 with dense camera systems and social credits.

Knowing the way China social credit scores work on each individual, you will no longer be surprised by other stories of Chinese detention.

What is China social credit system?

The idea of China social credits trace back to 2007 while the plan was first unveiled in 2014. The purpose of this system is to put the society in place with least man force involved.

Its operational mechanism is simple: a good citizen gets rewards and a bad person is punished.

China Social Credit System 2
This is considered an innovative way to secure society, according to the Chinese government.

How does China social credit system work?

China social credit system acts as a permanent record of all behaviours from one person. Each citizen gets an identity number which links to the system. When they do something good, they will get scores added to their records and vice versa.

The more scores you have in social credits, the more privileges you’re granted in the society. By contrast, if you commit crimes, you will be reduced scores and punished. Once your scores get lower than a certain number, you’re blacklisted with countless consequences ahead.

Creepy punishments for low social credit scores

Thanks to this nationwide ranking system, Chinese government can easily punish offenders. The punishment varies, covering almost all life aspects of the ‘blacklisted’ citizen. If you think life sentence is miserable enough, you’ll be surprised to see these consequences for a low-scored China social credit account.

China Social Credit System 3
You can't travel on public transport for long-distance trips if getting bad scores.

Blocking people from buying flight or train tickets

The very first punishment for those violating the rules is limiting their travel, especially far distance trips. One may not be able to book train or flight even within the country if their social credits indicate a bad mark in their history.

Some, luckily, are just restricted to get these transport tickets, but won’t be able to buy luxury options.

So, who are prone to these punishments? – Our answer is passengers who used to ride without ticket, disobeying regulations for public transports and anyone who get low social credit scores than standard levels.

Preventing people from going online

Is this possible? Yes, under the strict order from Chinese government.

China Social Credit System 3.1
Your Internet connection will be cut if spreading fake news or addicted to frivolous purchases.

Though the mechanics behind the act haven’t been fully explained yet, records show that people who are addicted to harmful video games, paying bills late, buying online goods arbitrarily or spreading fake news will be blocked from using the Internet.

Banning people and kids from quality education

This seems counter-productive. When people are not aware of right things to do, they should be educated properly but no, China government think these people don’t deserve courses at qualified institutions.

To be specific, a lot of people who didn’t complete their military service in 2017 were banned from higher education or continuing their studies.

Similarly, when parents have low social credit scores, their children are denied at many Chinese universities though the kids’ academic performance are eligible.

China Social Credit System 4
You and your family members can't climb up the career ladder with low scores.

Preventing people from high-paid jobs or any quality services

Like the case mentioned above, low-score accounts will be blocked from using luxury services or even acceptable ones. When they apply for jobs, their social credit scores are crucial to recruiters as well, especially in state-run companies.

Chinese citizens won’t get surprised if hotels refused to serve them. They know that’s due to their bad credit record.

Shaming people in public

That sounds totally wrong in Western countries but normal in China. Chinese government, from 2016, has encouraged firms to stop hiring people in the blacklist. This means once you’re blacklisted, the public can see your names to avoid.

China government isn’t hesitant to publicize information of blacklisted people. These citizens will be informed 10 days before hearing the courts to decide they’re in the list. After that, they won’t be able to buy tickets on public transport or apply for jobs and other services.

The question is what if you are listed as good person?

You will get discounts on your monthly bills and prioritized in booking tickets. You can also use the social credit to find match on dating apps.

So, do you want to trade your freedom for these benefits of China social credit system? Leave your comments in the box below!

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