Indonesian College Allows Students To Pay Tuition Fees In Coconuts And Herbs

Hanima Anand |Nov 04, 2020

The college is located in Bali, Indonesia where students can exchange coconuts for courses at school. The initiative was introduced to help reduce financial burdens on learners during the pandemic.

Venus One Tourism Academy, a hospitality college in Bali, Indonesia has put forward a learner-friendly policy which allows students to pay their school fees with coconuts, or certain natural raw materials that the institute can use.

Coconut In Bali
Who can imagine coconuts can be used as tuition fees?

In fact, when the pandemic came and hit hard at students here, the officials of the Venus One Tourism Academy had serious concerns over the financial troubles that their learners were facing. They had introduced different schemes like an installment program to ease the burden, but the result was not much effective.

Understanding the struggle of local students, the college administrators decided to accept coconuts as a form of tuition fees. Accordingly, students will bring in coconuts so that their school can harvest Virgin Coconut Oil and sell for money.

Indonesian College Venus One Tourism Academy
Venus One Academy trains local students in hospitality to serve Bali's tourism industry.

Realizing this can be the key to many students’ problems, the officials even go more flexible when allowing different kinds of natural raw materials. Not just coconuts, now learners can pay their school fees in the form of Moringa leaves and Gotu kola leaves. The institute will collect these natural materials to produce herbal products in exchange for money.

An official of the Indonesian college, Mr. Wayan Pasek Adi Putra shared that they wanted to educate students to optimize surrounding natural resources, particularly during tough times like this. When the coronavirus pandemic was over, graduates from the Venus One Tourism Academy would become more than a common worker.

Bali Indonesia
The pandemic deprives Bali residents of their jobs, money, and hope.

Since the news was posted, it received countless praise from netizens worldwide. Should all schools adopt these flexible methods like this Indonesian college, more disadvantaged children will have the chance to access a proper education.

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