Indonesia Health Minister Explained: "Pray" Is The Way Indonesians Confront The Covid-19

Rose Advani |Feb 18, 2020

Currently, Indonesia has no case of infecting the Covid-19 despite its neighbors confirmed numerous infection cases. The reason that the Indonesian Health Minister surprised the world!

The Covid-19 outbreak has taken several weeks and caused serious consequences to Human with 73,336 infection cases and 1.875 deaths (as of Feb 18). The outbreak became a giant fear for each nation who are reporting the rising of infection cases. There is an opposite scene of the Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Indonesia Health Minister, Terawan Agus Putranto

Meanwhile, Indonesia has confrimed that there is no case of Covid-2019 infection since the outbreak began though its neighbors confirmed numerous cases in infecting. Health minister of Indonesia, Terawan Agus Putranto explained:

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An Indonesian student who was quarantined in Natuna hugs a friend after being released

However, when the outbreak happened, Indonesia upgraded medical monitoring and canceled commercial flights to and China. So, his religious explanation was so controversial among health professionals, especially after the slow response of Indonesia to previous epidemics such as Sars, Ebola, or bird flu. As a clear example, during the H5N1 Outbreak a decade ago, there were nearly 200 people died at an 84 percent death rate which forcing WHO made an intervention to overcome the outbreak.

Health Minister Terawan
Health Minister, Terawan answered about the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia

Truthfully, the Health Minister Terawan did not mention to “Pray” only.  He also called on the public keep calm and keep their body and mind pure to maintain immunity to avoid being infected with the fast-spreading virus. For these words, Terawan is right in the fight against the deadly virus.

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Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto, a military doctor and radiologist

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The Indonesian health ministry confirmed 62 cases of suspected coronavirus infections, and all of these cases were tested and giving the result: Negative.

And 238 Indonesians who return from the virus epicenter – Wuhan, China has completed 14 days in quarantine in Indonesia’s Natuna Islands. All of them were not contracted the Covid-19 and has been returning their daily life as normal.

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