Indians Burn Huge Effigy Depicting Coronavirus For Holi Rituals

Salena Harshini |Mar 11, 2020

Indians have had a unique way for their Holi celebrations this year with a surprising variation for the effigy who has a fiery fate.

Holi is the annual traditional Hindi festival which marks the arrival of spring. The festival of colors starts on March 9 and continues through March 10.

This year, as the whole world is in crisis with the fatal coronavirus at the same time Holi takes place, Indians had an exotic way to honor the triumph of good over evil. At least two communities in India have opted to burn coronavirus figures as a part of the Holika Dahan ritual that happens on Holi’s first day.

A big effigy in an India residence

Following the Holika Dahan tradition, communities will fire up bonfires as the recreation of Hindu God Lord Vishnu’s victory over evil Holika. When Holika tried to steer a Vishnu follower into the fire, she instead was the one got killed by the flame.

Corona1 coronavirus
Blue demon "Coronasur" to be burned in Holika Dahan ritual at a Mumbai residential area (source: Hemanshi Kamani)

In a residence near Mumbai, devotees created the coronavirus effigy as a massive blue demon called "Coronasur."

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Effigy coronavirus
The coronavirus effigy that got burned in Ahmedabad, India (source: Ajit Solanki)

Also in India, in Ahmedabad particularly, devotees did it differently. They dressed up the effigy of coronavirus in green, yellow, and pink. Both figures had the same “fiery” fate.

On another hand, Vendors is Guwahati shared with a leading daily that because of coronavirus fears, they have been able to sell only about one-fourth of their common Holi merchandise like water guns that are utilized to spray colored water on the streets.

Holi coronavirus
Partisans throw colored powder in the air during the celebrations of Holi (source: Manish Swarup)

Nevertheless, the festivities of Holi celebrations still proceeded in spite of the ongoing disease issue. As of today, India has had 62 confirmed cases in the nation with many of them have traveled from Italy or the Middle East.

coronavirus India
Students wearing masks and scarves in a class in Secunderabad, India

The fatal bug started in late December of last year in Wuhan, China. The disease has now spread to over 100 nations, infected nearly 120,000 people and claimed at least 4,300 lives.

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