Indian High Commission Officials Been Missing In Pakistan Since This Morning

Hanima Anand |Jun 15, 2020

Two Indian High Commission officials were reported to be missing in Islamabad of Pakistan. They couldn’t be contacted since this morning, Monday June 15, 2020.

According to latest reports, the two Indian High Commission officials have been missing in the Islamabad region of Pakistan when they were sent for official work this morning. People tried to contact them but all attempts were in vain.

Indian High Commission Officials Missing In Pakistan
The two Indian officials went missing while on duty in Pakistan

The Indian government informed that they have reached Pakistan government for further discussion and investigation.

The incident of Indian officials mission on Pakistan territory increases the tension between the two countries, which is already extreme during the recent period.

While India has expelled 2 Pakistan officials for the suspicion of espionage, Pakistan continuously has provocative actions towards Indian government. They allowed Chinese contractor to build an enormous dam in Indian territories which are occupied illegally by Pakistan troops.

Indian High Commission Officials Missing In Pakistan 2
Tension between India and Pakistan shows no sign of decrease.

Though India has predicted reciprocal actions from Pakistan after expelling their officials, the government didn’t expect this incident of missing officials when we are totally unaware of their well-being at the moment.

If the expulsion of Pakistan officials were made clear-cut by the Indian government, there hasn’t been any update from Pakistan after the missing of our officials. India even made it clear that the captured pigeon from Pakistan was not a spy at all to erase any doubt or unnecessary tension between the two.

Indian High Commission Officials Missing In Pakistan 3
Previously, two Pakistan diplomats were expelled from India for espionage. will update further news if have. Check our Trending worldwide section for more posts!

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