Indian Captain Set World Record For The Longest Ride Through A Fire Tunnel Of 127 Metres

Hanima Anand |Nov 11, 2020

Indian Army one more time makes the world tongue-tied for their competence and bravery. Yesterday, the motorcycle team performed the longest ride through a fire tunnel in Bengaluru.

Hats off to The Army Service Corps Motorcycle Display Team! They officially bagged the title of World’s Longest Ride Through A Fire Tunnel on Tuesday, November 10.

Motorcycle Display Team Record 0
Would you dare to stand nearby, let alone riding through it?

According to reports, the team which is called Tornadoes of the Indian Army had their performance in Bengaluru. A 127-metre fire tunnel was set up on an empty ground. The team rider, Captain Shivam Singh, rode his motorbike through the raging fire with minor injuries.

His motorcycle was completely destroyed. Captain Singh was also brought to the hospital for medical help. You can check video at the end of the post for more details.

Motorcycle Display Team Record 1
Captain Singh walking out of the fire

Before the Indian Army Service Corps broke this record of riding through the longest fire tunnel, two men in South Africa were holding the title. Their names are Enrico Schoeman and Andre de Kock.

Motorcycle Display Team Record 2
The moment the Indian Captain started his record ride.
Motorcycle Display Team Record 4
Supporting team is always there for help.

In fact, the Tornadoes, or the Motorcycle Display Team has claimed a number of national and world records for their amazing skills.

Several years ago, they set up the world record for most men mounting a single motorbike. The initial record saw 56 men mounting a motorcycle but this was cleared by the Tornadoes team themselves. In 2017, they successfully had 58 men mount on a 500 cc Royal Enfield motorcycle which could run 1200 meters after that.

Indian Motorcycle Display Team Record 4
Fifty-eight men on a single motorcycle, and here's how they did it!

Among all the Indian Army departments, the Tornadoes team is proud to be known by many international fans for their breath-taking displays. Since its establishment in 1982, Tornadoes has had over 1,000 motorcycle displays either inside or outside the country.

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