List Of Bollywood Celebrities Are Claimed To Have 'Verifiable Links' With Pakistan Spy & Army

Hanima Anand |Jul 23, 2020

The BJP leader Jay Panda wrote on his social account that he saw documents proving the links of some Bollywood celebrities to Pakistan army. Fans quickly found who they are.

When it comes to fame, a large circle of acquaintances is required to maintain your position. However, that some Bollywood celebrities are linked to Pakistani spy agency as well as personnel in the Pakistan army is somewhat unacceptable by many Indian audiences, especially when the tension between the two countries shows no signs of decrease.

Yesterday, the leader of BJP and former Lok Sabha MP revealed shocking information on his Twitter account, saying that he had come across several documents that indicated the links between some Bollywood actors and Pakistani spy agency and its army. Baijayant Jay Panda even affirmed that these links are ‘verifiable’ with ‘undeniable track record’ in which they encouraged the violence in J&K.

Jay Panda Tweet
Jay Panda's Tweet on Bollywood connection with Pakistani army

The vice president of BJP also urged patriotic Bollywood personalities to stop supporting or working with these people. However, he didn’t mention straightforwardly the names of these Bollywood celebrities. Responding to this, people ask Jay Panda to come out and name these actors; otherwise, it’s just an insinuation. Fans are so eager to know these anti-India Bollywood celebrities that they have called out an investigation.

Aneel Musarrat And Pakistan Pm
Things started from Aneel Mussarrat (right) who is the close friend of Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

Below the Tweet, Indian netizens have quickly found some photos showing the close relationship between some Bollywood actors and Pakistan army personnel. See who they are!

Aneel Musarrat With Pakistani Army
Aneel built a strong bond with Pakistani army and politicians.

Ranveer Singh

In the photo, we can see Ranveer Singh pose closely with Aneel Mussarat, a British-Pakistani businessman who happens to own a strong relationship with Pakistani army.

Ranveer Singh Link With Pakistan
Ranveer Singh, according to Twitter users, shares a close link to this Pakistani man.

Aneel Mussarat is reported to become affiliated with Pakistan-based political party. He has involved in fundraising activities for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf since 2012 in the UK and other areas. More specially, Aneel Mussarat is close friend of Imran Khan, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Ranveer Singh Link With Pakistan 2
The Bollywood actor seems to be very comfortable with Aneel Mussarrat.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar is seen taking a photo with Aneel Mussarat in a luxury event. In the same event, we can also see Aneel posing with some other Bollywood celebrities in a very friendly manner.

Karan Johar Link With Pakistan
Karan Johar and Aneel Mussarrat posed together at the wedding of Sonam Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor

This photo indicates a close relationship between Anil Kapoor and the Pakistani businessman. It seems they are having a golf trip together near a lake. The Indian actor and producer appears to be the one who suggested the duo selfie.

Anil Kapoor Link With Pakistan 1
The two took a selfie in a holiday trip.

Also, Sonam Kapoor, the daughter of Anil Kapoor, was once seen in the same picture with Aneel Mussarat in her family. The two families probably had close relations.

Sonam Kapoor Link With Pakistan
Still Aneel Mussarrat along with Bollywood celebrities in Sonam's wedding.

Shah Rukh Khan

This time, the Pakistani personnel actively asked for a photo with the Bollywood King Khan. Both attended an evening gown or something similar with black suits and bows. In the photo, though Shah Rukh Khan didn’t show much passion, fans guess they must be close enough for sharing such a moment with each other. What's more, Shah Rukh Khan also had his ancestral home in Pakistan.

Shah Rukh Khan Link With Pakistan
Shah Rukh Khan and Aneel Mussarrat wearing tone-sur-tone suits and bows.

Please note that all the above photos and information are suggested by fans below the tweet of Jaya Panda. do not claim whether these Bollywood celebrities are linked to those Pakistani army bodies or not. We will wait for an official probe or information from the authorities for further details.

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