10 Steps To Prevent Chinese Cyber Attack On India

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 22, 2020

Even when there is no cyber attack on India, these steps and rules are essential to keep your information and data safe from hackers.

The more you expose yourself to the internet, the higher risk of cyber threats you might face. In fact, cyber-attacks are not just about hackers and viruses but also a variety of forms like ransomware, worms and spyware. While India and China is in tension about the border issue, please be aware that apart from military attack, China can also carry out a mass cyber attack on India and stealing the personal information of hundred millions of Indian people is not rocket science to China.

That’s why protecting your computer and technology devices against a potential cyber attack on India is a must as the India-China clash is yet to be settled. Check out 10 easy steps to save your computer from cyber attack.

Cyber Attack On India 1
There are chance of an upcoming cyber attack on India from China so everyone need to get ready for it!

1. Use strong passwords and change them often

The first thing when it comes to protecting your computer against cyber attacks is setting up a strong password. Apart from letters, use special characters like @#$&* and numbers. You will also need to change it frequently every three months.

2. Install anti-virus software

Even when there is no cyber attack on India, it is highly recommended for everyone to set up a trustable antivirus software on their computers. You’d better get yourself one from an acclaimed company which is regularly updated with new types of viruses. While free antivirus is good for your wallet, it’s not a smart move to protect your computer.

Cyber Attack On India 2
There are many ways for a hacker to break into your computer and steal your data, and an anti-virus app is not enough

3. Install anti-malware and anti-spyware software

Don’t you know that spyware and malware are as dangerous as viruses? Apart from installing an antivirus software, getting anti-malware and anti-spyware software is a must to thoroughly protect your computer from the anticipated cyber attack on India.

4. Scan your computer everyday

Just like a healthy body, your computer should be checked regularly so potential threats can be detected. It’s ideal to get your computer scanned everyday to avoid damage. You can set the automatic scanning function in the software to keep the system always in a good condition.

Cyber Attack On India 3
As people can get access to the internet easily, the chance they contract the virus is anticipatable

5. Creating a backup schedule

Apart from setting up a multi-layer protection shield, make sure you have the backup data in case a cyber attack on India happens. There are two popular options to store your backup data: a hard drive like usb/external hard disk or a cloud service.

6. Update the newest version of your system

You think it’s fine to have an old version of a computer system? In fact, it’s easier for hackers to exploit bugs in computers which have old systems than those with the latest one. That’s why you need to get the updated version of your computer so the remained bugs can be fixed and there is no way for hacker to cut into your device.

Cyber Attack On India 4
Setting up a mutil-layered protection against the cybercrime is a must to everyone

7. Turn on the firewall

Firewall is a key factor which stands guard on your computer. When you’re trying to access an unauthorized source, the firewall will wall you and block the access. You can also update and customize your firewall based on your personal needs.

8. Be careful when opening email

Email is a popular way for hackers to break into your computer. Be aware when opening a link or an attachment sent via an email as it could be contracted with threatening viruses. When receiving emails from unknown addresses, do not read it and delete it right away.

Cyber Attack On India 5
Emails are also a popular way for hackers to sending out viruses

9. Be careful when using the internet

Keep in mind that malware and spyware can be found everywhere on the internet even in the most credited websites and you’re just away from it within a mouse click. In addition to that, make sure that you get to the real websites as there are several fake websites that look like the real one. Do not click onto popups, ads, and external links if you don’t know exactly where it will lead you to. 

10. Learn about the basis of cybersecurity

The best way to prepare for a cyber attack on India is about knowing how cybersecurity and cyber attack works. Spending a couple of hours is enough to understand the basic aspects of the computer and help you make the right decision when using the internet and protecting your computer from potential risk.

Check out a brief introduction about cyber security:

Below are 10 of the most basic and easy ways to protect your computer from an anticipated cyber attack on India. Even when there is no cyber attack, these steps and rules are essential to keep your information and data safe from hackers.

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