PICTURES: Everyone Stays Home During Coronavirus Pandemic, But What About The Homeless?

Salena Harshini |Mar 24, 2020

The streets are deserted, almost, because there are still homeless people out there who have no place to go. They are vulnerable individuals who need extra help as coronavirus spreads.

Almost the entire world is on their lockdown because of coronavirus pandemic. While citizens of many countries have to stay at home, only homeless people are left outside the windows.

This is the condition of homeless people around the world, displayed in pictures:

A homeless man walks pass a closed theater in Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA, on March 21

All 40 million Californians were ordered to stay at home indefinitely on March 19 in an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the most populous state in the US. This state has a population of about 40 million people.

Homeless La
A homeless man walks on San Julian Street in Skid Row of Downtown Los Angeles

California has a number of around 150 thousand homeless, which makes the highest figure in the country. About 60 thousand of them live in Los Angeles County. Last week, Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state warned that 60,000 homeless people are at risk of contracting the virus.

He said that $150 million was approved to on the use to protect them.

Dozens of homeless people are sleeping on the pavement outside the Midnight Mission Homeless Shelter in Skid Row, Los Angeles

The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles  Eris Garcetti said that he was extremely worried especially about those who are most vulnerable and easy to be infected. The homeless bear the highest risk of having underlying diseases.

Homeless men in Western California, California city eating the portion they had just received
A man wearing mask standing beside three packs in Cali, Columbia, March 22
Medical workers in protective clothing help the homeless in Ostia, a suburb of Rome, Italy, on March 21

The boot-shaped country has been nationally blockaded since March 10.

Until now, Italy has had nearly 64 thousand confirmed cases (while there are over 82 thousand cases in China).

Homeless Italy
A homeless person sleeping on a long public bench in Piazza San Silvestro, the heart of Rome.

The number of deaths has exceeded 5,400, nearly double that of China and one-third of the world. Many experts consider Italy's steps to be sluggish and their breakout is a lesson for many other European countries.

Ian Moore
This is Ian Moore, a homeless man in the UK

59-year-old Ian Moore has had no home since 2019. He was sitting outside a Tube station in London when the number of coronavirus cases escalates around the globe.

Homeless people, including kids, sitting at the foot of an overpass in New Delhi capital when India imposed daytime nationwide curfew orders from March 22.

1200 675
Homeless people sit under a flyover during yesterday's nationwide Janata curfew, in New Delhi

Public transport is temporarily suspended. Stores and services such as food stores, pharmacies, gas stations are maintained. The lockdown order lasted until March 31.

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The homeless sit at a bus stop in Paris on March 22 when the city was blockaded

In Paris, people are restricted from going out except for necessary situations and they must have both commitment letter and identification papers on them when heading outside.

On March 22, a Samaritanos de la Calle volunteer gave food to homeless people queuing in California, Columbia

The 50-million-people South American nation will be on lockdown from March 24 to April 13 to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as announced by  President Ivan Duque on March 20.

A homeless man sleeping in his blanket on a street in Melbourne on March 23

AFP describes that Australia is in its unprecedented days in decades. Unemployed Australians make long lineups outside government welfare centers to receive allowances on March 23.

After a record 29 years of economic growth, Australia is in recession. The government has launched a $159 billion subsidy package. Pubs, casinos, churches, and gyms began to close at noon on the same day.

Another heart-wrenching image showing how homeless people are living amidst the pandemic

In the above picture, a homeless man sleeping on the side of the road when a Health Ministry employee sprays disinfectant on a wall in Morocco's capital Rabat on March 22.

The North African nation has declared a state of emergency medical on March 20. Security forces and troops are deployed on the streets to prevent pandemics. Residents are ordered to stay indoors, restricting public transport and traveling between cities.

Street Team members are meeting homeless people in Aalborg center, Denmark on March 23

A nurse and social worker listened and answered their urgent needs for the Covid-19 pandemic.

They have no place to go, hence the streets are their home

A homeless woman wearing a mask sits on the side of the road in Cali, Columbia, next to a black young man lying on a blanket and pillow.

The homeless covers a blanket outside the Berlin Zoo's ticket office in Berlin on March 23

Germany has imposed a 14-day blockade on the state of Bavaria on the night of March 20 (local time). Supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and banks are allowed to open.

A homeless elderly man going on a scooter in Paris, France, on March 23, during a blockade on Saturday

By the end of the day, the country recorded nearly 17,000 cases, 676 deaths, the nation with most cases of coronavirus following Italy, Spain and Germany in Europe.

A homeless person falls asleep on a pile of luggage with a cat on the streets of Paris

From the noon of March 17, all French people have to stay indoors. The government said thousands of police would patrol the streets and impose a fine of 135 euros (INR 11118) on those who went out without a valid excuse.

These are not the only homeless people who have absolutely no place to stay amid this chaotic and depressing time of the global pandemic. They are obviously those whose heath is under the biggest risk as they have no mask, no glove, soap or sanitizer gel. Everything has been hard for them since day one when this global coronavirus had not found its way into human life.

More aid and support need to be done so no one will be left out in this urgent situation.

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