[Hathras Gang Rape] Family Forcibly Cremate Their Daughter At Night, Another Dalit Woman Abducted In The UP Town

Hanima Anand |Sep 30, 2020

The death of Hathras gang rape victim has caused a wave of protests demanding justice for women in general and strictly enough punishments for rapists.

When the Nirbhaya case just ended not long ago, the entire nation is raged at the news of Hathras gang rape. The Dalit woman was brutally raped and murdered at the age of 19 by 4 men in Uttar Pradesh while helping her mother on the field.

The girl couldn’t make it, breathing her last at Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital yesterday.

Family begged to bring their daughter home, police refused

After the Hathras gang rape victim died at the hospital two weeks after the attack, her family was forced to perform the last rites at night. According to a video leaked out, the miserable mother was seen crying and begging the police to bring the girl body home for one last time. However, her plea was rejected while the police asked the family to finish cremation at 3 a.m.

Hathras Gang Rape Victim Cremation
Around 1 a.m, the victim body was brought back to her village.

One of her brothers told the press that her body was put back to the village inside the ambulance at 1 a.m last night, while the lights of the cremation ground was switched on. The police didn’t let the family bring her body home but forced them to cremate her right there.

The brother said their father and brother didn’t even reach home from Delhi.

Hathras Gang Rape Victim Cremation 2
Even after her death, the Dalit girl couldn't have her family beside.

As the family refused to cremate her, police started being aggressive towards their relatives. In the end, the video showed a lone pyre without any family members around. The brother explained they had to lock themselves after being kicked and beaten by the police.

Hathras Gang Rape Victim Cremation 3
The police even announced they cremated the victim as per her family wishes.

Meanwhile, Hathras police took to their Twitter account that the cremation of Hathras gang rape victim had been performed as per the wishes of the family while ensuring the perpetrators of the crime would be brought to justice.

Four rapists must be hanged, public protests

Hardly is there any country in the world that rapists of such horrendous case as Nirbhaya could live for 12 more years before being hanged. There’s also nowhere that the public must go protests to demand justice for the victim because they fear the criminals would escape the punishment.

Protests On Hathras Gang Rape
A nationwide protest has burst out to claim justice for the girl.

Let us remind you of what the 19-year-old Dalit woman has gone through. She was raped brutally by 4 men, had her tongue cut off, and suffered severe injuries in the spinal cord, neck, and body overall. She was left lifeless on the field, then struggled for two weeks before breathing her last.

With all those pains, do you think she can rest in peace? And her family members or any girl in India can sleep?

Only after the public reacted strongly, Uttar Pradesh came to help the victim’s family and arrested the four upper-caste men. Angry people are demanding the rapists to be hanged and want CM Yogi Adityanath to say something about the horrible crimes taking place in Uttar Pradesh. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut even posted on her Twitter that the accused should be executed publicly to prevent further incidents in the future. Many celebrities also join the online campaign to demand justice back for the unfortunate girl.

A Dalit woman abducted by tempo driver

When the rage over Hathras gang rape is at its peak, another Dalit woman was abducted in the same town while traveling with her mother in a tempo.

The crime even happened near the Sadabad police station in Hathras. The woman and her mother were returning their home from Sadabad in a tempo in the evening. Because she felt sick and started vomiting, her mother got off the tempo to get some water.

The tempo driver and two other men there decided to speed away to abduct the woman, leaving the mother behind.

The mother quickly alerted her relatives and police. Based on the CCTV footage of a petrol pump nearby, the woman was found later.

Hathras Gang Rape Protest
It may happen to your daughter, your sister or anyone. Please raise your voice!

This, one more time, questions the administration of UP CM when such kinds of crimes seem to take place frequently. It also reminds people of the loose legal system that isn’t strong enough to warn criminals against their evil intentions.

From Starbiz, we demand justice for Hathras gang rape victim and the safety guarantee for all Indian women. Rapists must be hanged or punished severely to prevent similar cases in the long run.

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