[Gang Rape In Jaipur] Cruelest Punishments India Can Adopt To Prevent Similar Cases

Hanima Anand |May 25, 2020

A mentally challenged 10-year-old girl was raped then strangulated to death by her own brother and his three friends. Should we introduce stricter laws to get rid of rapists in the country?

10-year-old girl gang-raped and murdered by brother in Jaipur

On Saturday, police in Jaipur arrested a man named Zeeshan Ali and his 3 friends (Sajid Ali, Amjad Ali and Wajid Ali) for the gang rape and murder of his 10-year-old sister.

It was reported that the mentally challenged 10-year-old girl went missing on May 17. Her father then lodged a missing report to the local police in Manoharpur in Jaipur.

Not until May 21 could the father found her clothes and slipper in the forest near their house. Police then took further investigations and located body of the unfortunate girl.

Gang Rape In Jaipur And Punishment
The 10-yr was taken to the forest and murdered.

It’s even more shocking when Zeeshan Ali and friends, the murderers, also pretended to help the father to find the girl. After being accused, Zeeshan blamed his sister for being unable to do her daily chores and considered her a liability.

Finally the police interrogation broke him down. It turns out Zeeshan and friends intended to take her away for murder, but they changed their minds and decided to gang-rape her.

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Strictest punishments for rapists in the world

Despite the recent execution of four convicts in Nirbhaya case, India still has to witness hear-breaking gang rape cases. So it seems our laws are not strict enough?

Let’s see how other countries punish rapists & here are the most cruel punishments we found.

Rapist Punishments
Indian people protest, calling for stricter laws against rapists.

In China, rape convicts definitely face death sentence. This country shows no tolerance of this crime, regardless of the extent of injury the criminals cause to their victims. But this is not what scares rapists the most in China.

Depending on the severity of the case, rapists are sometimes punished by the mutilation of their genitals. Of course this action can totally lead to their death.

Also, having sex with women aged below 14 automatically translates to rape, even when that woman is a prostitute. These laws play a significant role in reducing the rates of rape in our neighbor country.

Gang Rape In Jaipur
Any child sexual abuse must be punished severely, and timely.

Another nation that is worth mentioning is Afghanistan where rapists are shot right in the head within only 4 days of trials (unlike in India when it took 12 years to hang the four gang rapists in Nirbhaya case).

Especially, the punishment will be executed by the victims as a form of revenge and also compensation for what they suffered. In some other cases, rapists are hanged to death.

Given the recent disgusting gang rape in Jaipur, a stricter law to punish rapists in India needs to be introduced. Or at least the execution must be conducted timely to prevent similar crimes in the near future.

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