Happy International Sign Language Day 2020 | See How To Tell Love In Sign Language!

Hanima Anand |Sep 23, 2020

Imagine how exciting it would be if you could communicate with every one of all nationalities. That’s exactly the case of people using sign language who shares the same language beyond boundaries.

Today September 23 is International Sign Language Day 2020, so we want to show you how to express your love by using this wonderful language.

According to the United Nations, there are nearly 72 million deaf people globally but most of them live in developing countries. In fact, these communities use different sign languages (up to 300 types by most recent calculation) but they are not divided by a national boundary.

Sign Language Alphabet
Illustration of a sign language alphabet

To embrace the deaf culture, the UN General Assembly has appointed September 23 annually as the International Sign Language Day. This is also to raise public awareness of the role of this language besides human rights of deaf communities.

The reason why UN picked September 23 as the day for sign language is that it marks the establishment of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) in 1951. The first International Sign Language Day ever was celebrated in 2018.

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So, what is the theme of this year's international day of sign languages? According to UN, 2020 sign language day is to promote the importance of this communication code to the general public, with the slogan "Sign Language Are For Everyone." Yes, sign language is not only for deaf but for all people who care. Everyone is encouraged to learn sign language just as a foreign language, and many schools have actually adopted this subject in their curriculum.

Sign Language In India
The International sign language day is also the birthday of WFD.

Let’s see how you can express your love in simple baby sign language!

I love you

To sign the phrase I love you, you need to put up your thumb, index finger and also pinkie finger at the same time. Keep your ring finger and middle finger down while holding the hand out and moving your entire hand back and forth.

I Love You Sign Language
The next time you see this, give each other a hug.

Or another way, you can point to yourself, crossing your two palms in front of your chest and point to the person you want to tell love with.

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Kiss me

The easiest way is pointing your index finger to your lips then place it on the cheek. Then point your right index finger to yourself.

You can also apply the same gesture to say similar phrases like I want to kiss you or Can you kiss me by pointing towards the person in subject.

I miss you

There are a variety of saying I miss you in different sign languages. The simplest way is to point your right index finger to your chin plus worrying facial expression. In English sign language, people perform more complex gestures to indicate they are missing someone.

Everyone is a beautiful sculpture of God, and each speaks their own language of souls. On the International Sign Language Day 2020, we want to give a big hug to the deal individuals while embracing their amazing communication methods.

Once again, happy International Day of Sign Language 2020!

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