Rare Micro Blue Moon Will Rise On Halloween For The First Time In 76 Years!

Hanima Anand |Oct 30, 2020

Have you prepared for your Halloween celebration? This promises to be a special Halloween this year as you will enjoy the micro blue moon for the first time in nearly a century!

Halloween 2020 is going to be a memorable occasion when enjoying the first Halloween Blue moon during 76 years to date. It’s also called the Micro Moon according to NASA definitions.

Halloween 2020 Blue Moon
Wait for it! The first Halloween blue moon in 76 years!

You might be curious what is a blue moon? Simply it’s a full moon taking place at weekend. As Halloween 2020 falls onto Saturday, the full moon on this holiday is called a Blue Moon.

The Halloween blue moon will be full on Saturday and last through Sunday. That’s why it’s referred as a full moon weekend.

A Blue Moon
Blue moon is another name for a full moon at weekends.

What about a Micro Moon?

On the contrary to the so-called Supermoons, a micro moon goes opposite in size and location compared to the supermoon. A micro moon is witnessed when the moon stays farthest from the Earth, causing it to hit the minimal size when observed from our planet. However, it must be a full moon to be called a micro moon as well.

Besides Micro Moon, this type of phenomenon is also called the Beaver Moon, the Frosty Moon or the Snow Moon.

A Micro Moon And Normal Moon
A micromoon is a bit smaller than the full moon we often see.

In 2020, there are only two micro moons that happen on October 1 and October 31. Only the one on October 31 coincides with the Blue Moon though.

What you should do on Halloween 2020 with Micro Blue Moon?

In the old days, there were many rumours related to the size of the moon. Every time a special moon was observed, people assumed it was a signal for a significant upcoming event, such as a natural disaster.

Similarly, when a micro moon appeared, old folklore accounts often suggested that it brought earthquakes or a natural catastrophe to the world. It was also believed to negatively affect human mental health. However, with the development of science and technology, we can now be assured that there is no evidence of micro moons affecting human well-being or causing disasters.

Halloween Celebration
Whatever the moon size is, dress up and celebrate this Halloween with your beloved!

So, our advice on what you should do on Halloween 2020 is to enjoy it!

Remember to keep social distancing or coronavirus will knock your door for a trick or treat!

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