Top Halloween Movies In Hindi Surely Give You Goosebumps

Leela Adwani |Oct 11, 2020

Welcome your unusual festive season in a different way with top Halloween movie in Hindi!

Halloween is right around the corner and this year we will welcome an unusual festive season amid the ongoing pandemic. Instead of going out, you and your friends can soak up the most authentic Halloween vibes at home with the smokiest films. Turns out, Halloween movie in Hindi is the best choice for a sleepless night.

Along with thrillers, crime, romance, Bollywood has also delivered a bunch of top-notch movies in the horror genre. It goes without saying that they have the full potential to keep you awake for not only one but also many nights and even change your perception if you don’t believe in the existence of ghosts.

Evil Eye (2020)

The latest thriller by Priyanka Chopra can't be missed on Halloween 2020. Evil Eye was just released on Oct 13 but it has gathered a huge number of fans for the heated plot.

Halloween movie in Hindi Evil Eye
The bombshell Sunita Mani will play the lead role in Evil Eye.

Evil Eye stars Sunita Mani in the role of Pallavi, a sexy free and single woman who has difficulties dealing with her mother Usha (Sarita Choudhury). Climax arises when Pallavi introduces her boyfriend Sandeep to her mother who insists that Sandeep has reincarnated to haunt her current life.

You can check for Evil Eye movie download free if you can't access Amazon Prime to watch the film online.

Bhoot (2003)

The next name on the list of Halloween movie in Hindi is probably Ram Gopal Varma-directorial Bhoot. The film is packed with several scary moments that surely give the audience goosebumps. Little do we know that this is also one of the last horror movie of director Varma before he ventured into the action genre.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Bhoot
Bhoot is one of the best films of the year 2003

The film centers on the story of a young couple who moves to a hunted apartment and that drives the wife to go mad. The film featuring Urmila Mantodkar (the wife’s role), Ajay Devgn, and Fardeen in the leading roles. Bhoot is also one of the biggest and most successful horror movies in the history of Bollywood.

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Raaz (2002)

Raaz is yet another must-watch Halloween movie in Hindi. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, produced by Mukesh Bhatt (presenter), the film stars Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea in the lead roles and Malini Sharma and Ashutosh Rana in the supporting roles.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Raaz
Raaz is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat

The film revolves around a couple who is the edge of a breakup. They move to another home with the purpose to save their nearly failing marriage. However, the couple doesn’t know the first about what will happen in this house. What they find in this new house is more than what they can expect as a ghost then hunts their place. Sanjana, the wife, figures out that her husband gets involved in this ghostly conspiracy and that’s why she has to fix to flee from this house.

The film became a massive box office hit and was the second highest-grossing film of 2002 after Devdas.

Veronica (2017)

Another movie for your Halloween night this year is the famous Veronica which was based on a true story in Spain. The film is already dubbed in Hindi language for Indian movie fans.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Veronica
Sandra Escacena, the lead star in Veronica, is real-life girlfriend of Rio from Money Heist.

Veronica movie free download is also available online. This film ranks among the most searched films in recent Halloween seasons in India. You won't want to miss this thriller one more year!

Horror Story (2013)

Another Vikram Bhatt-directorial movie making it to the top Halloween movie in Hindi is none other than Horror Story. Starring Ravish Desai and Hasan Zaidi, the film talks about the story of seven youngsters who spend a night at a haunted hotel.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Horror Story
Make sure you watch this film with someone beside

Based on the short story of Stephen King called 1408, the film got a positive response from both the audiences and the critics alike.

Mahal (1949)

If you are a fan of classic movies, then Mahal is right for you. It is said to be the first reincarnation movie of the Hindi film industry. It also marked the debut of notable playback singer Lata Mangeshkar and the late actress Madhubala. Mahal may not only scare you but also have your father, your grandfather out of their wits.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Mahal
Old but gold, classic is always the best

Not only it’s a much-loved Halloween movie in Hindi but it was also the third highest-grossing film of 1949 and the leading heroine Madhubala became a megastar overnight.

Bees Saal Baad (1962)

Bees Saal Baad (Twenty Years Later) is also a film that surely makes your Halloween day. The Bollywood psychological thriller drama topped the box office chart of the year 1962. The film marked the debut of Biren Nag as a director and features Biswajeet, Waheeda Rehman in the lead role.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Bees Saal Baad
This classic horror movie will not disappoint you

Saaya (2003)

The list of Halloween movie in Hindi cannot complete without mentioning the 2003 superhit Saaya. The film will take you on a journey of supernatural fantasy packed with romantic thrillers.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Saaya
Saaya is a combination of romance, thriller, and horror

Helmed by Anurag Basu and produced by Mahesh Bhatt, the film is known to be an unofficial remake of Hollywood hit Dragonfly. The film is about the attachment of two doctors who work in the same hospital.

Khilona Bana Khalnayak (1995)

It’s not far off the mark to say the classic horror movies dominate the Halloween movie in Hindi list. The film centers on a criminal who is murdered in a toy factory but leaves his spirit in a doll. It’s later bought by a shopkeeper. She then figures out her doll leads to the recent deaths surround her. Directed by Mahesh Kothare, the film deserves to be added to your must-watch movies list.

Halloween Movie In Hindi Khilona Bana Khalnayak
Khilona Bana Khalnayak poster

We hope that our Halloween movie in Hindi compilation will help you have an exciting festive season.

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