2020 Ideas For Diwali Decoration With Flowers At Home | Simple But Effective

Hanima Anand |Nov 09, 2020

Have you got any ideas for this Diwali 2020 on November 14th? Check the latest Diwali flower decoration trends that are easy to follow in the post below!

Diwali 2020 is coming with lots of hope and fun. Though Diwali is literally a festival of lights, Diwali decoration with flowers at home is indispensable to uplift your mood on this occasion. It also gives your home a breath of nature while maintaining its necessary coziness.

Diwali Flower Decoration 1
Dive in these Diwali flower decoration ideas and find yours!

As we all know, Diwali or also known as Deepavali and Divali is one of the most important festivals in the Indian culture. It marks the victory of light over darkness, representing our people’s belief in good deeds which always defeat evils. Diwali also symbolizes the triumph of knowledge over ignorance as you may not know.

Diwali Flower Decoration 2
A typical Diwali decoration with flowers at the main entrance.

Before Diwali, householders are supposed to clean their homes thoroughly or renovate if necessary. Then, house decoration with diya and rangoli is a must. Besides, Diwali decoration with flowers at home is also essential to celebrate an auspicious festival.

Diwali Flower Decoration 3
There are tons of Diwali flower decoration styles you can adopt this season!

Understanding so, we bring here some simple Diwali flower decoration ideas that you can easily apply to your home. Most items below can be bought in local markets or online shops.

The below Diwali decoration with flowers at home suggestion is for your house entrance. You can buy artificial flowers and put them in chains. Hang them onto your door like this while glue the others on the steps. Your guests will be immediately impressed with this Diwali flower decoration!

Diwali Flower Decoration 4
A very easy Diwali decoration with flowers at home for beginners

A closer look at the main entrance rangoli, you can use flower petals to fill the space. Here’s a suggestion!

Diwali Flower Decoration 5
The decoration resembles a wave of light and joy coming to your home.

Next come easy flower décor for your dining table. All that you need are some roses, camellia or similar kinds of flowers (even artificial) and some electronic candles like these. Stick flowers around the candle on a base. You can make the basement out of some craft paper in your own way, as long as it’s round and fit with the concept.

Diwali Flower Decoration 6
Basically, you can glue flowers around any decorative item to highlight it in Diwali.

Another tip for Diwali decoration with flowers at home is to scatter flower petals or separate flowers around your living space. Some petals around the diya or some dahlias at random places will make your home so festive this Diwali 2020.

Diwali Flower Decoration 7
Instead of dahlia, you can use daisy in different colours.

Similarly, you can also place flowers in small pots and put them around your house. Some complete the table setting while some highlight your memory corner.

Diwali Flower Decoration 8
What about this Diwali flower decoration idea for your table setting?

Refer to more Diwali decoration with flowers at home ideas below!

Diwali Flower Decoration 9
A harmonious mixture of orange, yellow, and pink daisies
Diwali Flower Decoration 10
Here come some simple Diwali flower arrangements for beginners.
Diwali Flower Decoration 11
Modest but powerful
Diwali Flower Decoration 12
Boost the festive mood of your family members with this flowery decor.
Diwali Flower Decoration 13
What about paper flowers which you can make with your children?
Diwali Flower Decoration 14
Another idea that symbolizes complete happiness.
Diwali Flower Decoration 15
A combination of different flowers and leaves
Diwali flower decoration 16
Scatter flowers around your house to bring the Diwali atmosphere to every corner!

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