Playboy Model Was Groped By An Elephant In South Carolina, USA

Salena Harshini |Sep 19, 2020

This Playboy model almost lost her bikini top to an elephant as she approached it in the zoo.

Playboy cover model Francia James had a one-of-a-kind experience in wilderness park Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, United States. In the video that she shared her Instagram that had 2.2 million followers then, she can be seen approaching a mature elephant and an astonishing occurred.

The Instagram star was seen cozying up with the massive animal yet the only thing that the elephant cared about was different as it couldn’t stop touching and groping the model’s bosoms.

Francia 2
A quirky experience has happened to this Instagram star as she was having a photoshoot in the zoo

As Francia James stroked the animal’s trunk, it decided that she wanted to also cop a feeling and went straight to the breasts.

Its trunk could be seen not only trying to grab her chest but also possibly attempted to tear off her skimpy bikini.

It left the voluptuous model “shocked” as her breasts were examined by the 34-year-old animal. Francia James almost immediately jumped away from the mammoth elephant to prevent the bikini from falling off.

She said,

“The trunk felt just like a large man's hand with a high powered vacuum attached!”

Francia James
She still had a photo with the elephant eventually

However, a number of online users suspected that she may have rubbed something on her breasts to attract the behemoth’s attention and others also accused her of taking advantage of the elephant.

While one commented, “I don't understand why you have to film animals to promote your body,” others said that the video was “fake” and “silly”.

However, other enthusiastic netizens commented that this elephant was the “luckiest in the world” or saying “that’s my boy” in spite of the fact that it is actually female.

After the elephant incident, Francia James once again had her bosoms fondled but by a lemur as she went to the zoo in Webster, Florida.

She was trying to carry it on her shoulders when the animal dived into her shirt.

She is known for her steamy avatars and sexy videos online

A hysterical showed Francia screaming, "Oh my god, what should I do?" as the lemur burrows into her bra.

Francia James is a model who is well-known for her curvaceous figure and all the times she makes eyes pop with sexy outfits and alluring poses.

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She was a Playboy model and is an Instagram star

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