Lingerie Model Rhian Sugden To Have Her G-Cup Boobs Reduced With Surgeries

Salena Harshini |Jul 29, 2020

After more than a decade making money off her boobs, Rhian Sugden is now rethinking her image and is considering going under the knife to have them reduced.

Rhian Sugden is an English model well-known for her extra buxom figure. Recently, she has unveiled that she desperately wants to reduce her breast size after 14 years they helped her build her stardom and an £800,000 worth career.

Rhian Sugden wants to reduce the size of her boobs

Reducing her money-making bosom

The siren became a sensation as a Page 3 model in 2006 when she was only 19, collecting herself a wide range of fans and keeping on to keep many deals, including a whole £100,000 for featuring on the Celebrity Big Brother’s 2012 installment.

They have earned her quite a lot of money

Rhian Sugden, who retired from being a topless model since turning 30, has said that she is eager to have her chest reduced and get implants to give her bosom a lift in spite of the inevitable pull of gravity.

She shared with a daily that she has always had a D/E cup but ever since she got married, she has put on some weight and nothing grows but her boobs. They are now 32G which is a little out of control and gravity has had an adverse effect.

The 32G sized bosom makes her feel uncomfortable

She would do anything for a C cup. Even if someone asked her to cut them off, she would totally give a yes.

Taking a trip down the memory lane on her experience with posing topless, she added that it has lasted for years and she was part of the glamorous girls.

The lady wants to reduce it to cup C

Her breast gave her £100K after she appeared in the 2012 Celebrity Big Brother. She was unsure about the sum she has earned from them over these years but taking clues from her tax bills, it is more than £500,000.

Sexting scandal of Rhian Sugden and Vernon Kay

In 2010, she was embroidered in a controversial scandal where she was caught sexting with a famous English TV presenter, Vernon Kay. What made it such a problem is that he was a married man (and still is).

She was a topless model who once got involved in an infidelity scandal

She admitted that the scandal was the lowest point of her life.

She apologized to his wife Tess Daly. The case was such a big deal and both Rhian Sugden and Vernon Kay both received a lot of backlashes.

It seems that not many want her to have her breasts reduced

She said,

“There was an attraction there for both of us. I was a Page Three girl and he was Vernon Kay. He's a good looking fella. If I'd met this man, slept with him and had a full-blown affair with him then I would understand the backlash. It was like I'd literally killed somebody.”

Check out more photos of Rhian Sugden here:

Her Instagram account is @rhiansuggers for those who haven't known
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Looking hot in a red top
In bikini
Rhian 12
In a lingerie shoot
She surely has the most impressive racks ever

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