Filipinos Take Proof Of Delivery To Another Level: Find Fun In Quarantine

Salena Harshini |Mar 24, 2021

Proof of delivery photoshoots could be the next major meme of 2021 and we're all for it!

Those who work in the logistics sector or as delivery shippers have played an important role in the last year. As businesses temporarily shut down and social distancing rules in place, “no-contact” delivery has been essential.

We also know that the usual process of getting things to people is delivering from a distance. Moreover, shoppers will also have to take pictures of evidence to prove the goods have arrived at the right destination.

Normal Delivery From Distance
Filipinos are not taking their delivery in the traditional way.

Meanwhile, rather than cutting down on simple interaction, some receivers and delivery men in the Philippines are doing it their way.

Their sense of humor is another level

Some are turning their 30-second long process into a whole photoshoot and we are here for it! After some pictures were shared on the Internet, they have become an online phenomenon.

Delivery In The Phillippines
Some delivery men and receivers in the Philippines have taken this otherwise mundane step to a new level, turning it into a photoshoot.

In the funniest and most famous posts to date, the Philippians have made eyes open for their creativity. You can see some classics like peace signs, over-the-shoulder shots, and the legendary “resting chin on unexplainable gun fingers” pose.

Delivery In The Phillippines 3
Delivery proof photos or a fashion show?
Delivery In The Phillippines 4
Look at the kid with her milk bottle behind.

We are not only talking about the kooky characters. Some other people have gone to the next level with this. Take a quick peek at more photos that some very enthusiastic recipients took.

Internet users all over the world are praising how creative and hilarious Filipinos are, saying their sense of humor is out of this world.

Delivery In The Phillippines 2
Peace sign my delivery man!
Delivery In The Phillippines 1
This man definitely has that swag considering his posture.

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Spreading positivity through the pandemic

According to GMA, a shopper named Joyceeh Epino prepared a background for her "proof of delivery" photoshoot.

She explained that she was feeling frustrated by how unprepared she looked anytime the delivery man arrived. Moreover, she wanted to "[spread] love and good vibes" during the troubled period.

Pinoys 2
Filipinos even made a backdrop for when they receive a package.

This man, who wore a burgundy suit and posed for his delivery confirmation said,

"I look strange every time I receive a delivery. But today, I didn’t let that happen! When I got a text that I had a new delivery, I made sure to prepare this time around."

Suit up and make it luxurious!

To all those funny individuals, we say well done! Life is short and many may have missed out on some fun during the lockdown in the past year. Looking at these examples, we think everyone should sometimes put their inhibitions aside and get involved in something new.

Have a joke and laugh, you can do that almost everywhere and it would never get old.

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