Level Up Your Facetime Game With 9 Advanced Group Poses During Quarantine

Salena Harshini |Apr 12, 2020

Delete the boredom, let's have fun with your friends and family, even not physically! Add a twist to your quarantine time with these advanced groups poses online now.

With the COVID-19 situation in full swing, almost everyone is encouraged to play their part by following social distancing as well as avoiding going outside. Therefore, physical meetups with friends, colleagues or even family members where everyone gathers will be missed.

Although there have been ways to get away with it like using video calling apps, it’s not half as fun as when you can meet them face-to-face, right? Well, just because you are stuck at home does not mean you should feel bored. We have found a way by which you can take your online communication to a WHOLE another level.

Advaced Group Poses During Quarantine
Behold, advanced group poses during quarantine!

Check out 9 advanced group poses during quarantine, with full instructions and real illustrations. This is just perfect for everything, be it a friend, family or “friendly colleagues” gathering.

1. The Big Heart

This is pretty much a common way to photograph with a group of friends. You probably have seen this pose done by a person only somewhere, haven’t you?  Yes, it’s also easy to pose this snapshot with more than 2 persons.

The Big Heart
"Can you feel the love tonight?"

2. The Virus

Pose like the virus itself! Just make your elbow the main character and point it outward from the center. The center? It can be a ball, a dish or a face painted in green, it’s all up to you.

The Virus
Habit cures habit, coronavirus who?

3. The Flower

Feel the nature inside your home. The way to do this is self-explanatory as in the illustration. Zoom in the “group leader” face in the center and petals will be all the hands.

The Flower
Be like a flower, don't be afraid to bloom

4. The Cockroach

From the plant kingdom, let’s move to the bug world. Nasty as it sounds but the result from this is totally satisfying. Just look at that!

A little whisper to you, this is one of our top favorite advanced group poses during quarantine.

The Cockroach
Don't be scared, we don't fly... for now

5. The Smol Hearts

An advanced version of the advances Big Heart. Share the love by combing your smol little hearts right now.

The Smol Hearts
Multiply the love with hearts!

6. The Star

Instead of making a star with some rubber band, you can now make an upgraded version, a big one, with your friends.

The Star
We can all be the star

7. The Advanced Math

Missing your Math professor and teacher, and math exams? Do a little revision with your hands and what would be the harm in that?

The Advanced Math
Mathematics at its best

8. The Face

This is the star of the show. If you are feeling a little distant with the gang after all these days of quarantine, this will bring you closer together. You all will become one, literally.

The Face
We're all in this together!

9. The Waves

From the plant, the animal to the star in the sky, you can even feel the beach at home with these advanced group poses during quarantine. Make some groovy moments with your people right now! Can you hear the sound of the waves and the ocean already?

The Waves
If this does not look fun to you, we don't know what is

And these are just some of the most refreshing posing ways we all can find and come up with. With these poses, not only you won’t feel bored anymore, but you will also feel that isolation is not that bad. We can find positivity in any situation, can’t we?

Which is your favorite one among 9 advanced group poses during quarantine above? Share your thought in the voting section right below, and don’t forget to try this with your group chat!

Source: TheSmartLocal.com

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