Farmer At Day, Drag Queen At Night: The "Double Agent" Life Has Been His Savior In Lockdown

Salena Harshini |Mar 23, 2021

Clucking fabulous! Drag queen Boo La Croux swaps platform heels for wellies to raise horses and chickens in his family's 12-acre farm for lockdown

Drag Queens are mostly seen on red carpets or stages. However, this performer is more usually seen begriming the stables or going around his farm.

The drag farmer and the glam work that saved his life

Dean Goodwin-Evans, 35 years old, is known for his stage name Boo La Croux, a bold drag queen in Britain.

Dean Goodwin Evans
The drag farmer when he is in and out of glam.

A drag queen is a person, usually a man, who uses drag makeup and imitates and often overstate female gender signifiers as well as gender roles for entertainment purposes. Most drag queens are men dressing as women, historically.

He shared with Caters News Agency,

"I've learned how to sew so I've been making outfits and styling wigs.

'I absolutely love drag and horse riding so it has been nice to focus on my two passions."

Dean Goodwin Evans 2
He does the work that any farmer does, only with more enchantment.

His family's farm has eight miniature ponies, five cats, five dogs, five full-sized horses along with various farmyard birds.

A typical day for the farmer from Herefordshire County involves mowing the grass, cleaning the barn, feeding 13 horses, 6 chickens, and harvesting eggs.

When there is free time with no busy farming work, Goodwin-Evans organizes drag shows in front of the camera.

"Every day includes an element of drag as I love trialing new looks," he added. 

Dean Goodwin Evans 5
Dean Goodwin Evans posing with his one of his working tools.

Despite being a sociable barber in the region, Goodwin-Evans said the animals on the farm were his "savior" during the UK's first national blockade. At that time, he had to deal with depression.

"I've never suffered from mental health issues before but it was a massive shock to the system.

"They (the animals) have given me something to focus on and a reason to get up in the morning."

Also, Dean sews his own outfits, styles his own wigs, and sometimes rides a horse in full drag.

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The drag farmer was also a barber

Farm work has been Goodwin-Evans's main source of income since March of last year, even though the young man is a well-trained barber.

Dean Goodwin Evans 4
He used to work as a barber before things went downhill socially.

However, he left his work at a salon due to the pandemic and come home to care for his mother. Making his own dresses and accessories out of excess fabric also helps him save on living costs.

Recently, the young man boldly registered to participate in the Miss Drag UK contest for drag artists in the UK. He also appeared on the BBC Radio Leicester on 27/2.

Dean Goodwin Evans 7
He could not wait to return to the runway soon.

Despite enjoying life on the farm, Goodwin-Evans wants the lockdown to be lifted soon.

"I just can't wait to get back on stage and strut my stuff."

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