400 People Put High-Risk After Attending A Funeral Not Knowing The Deceased Had Deadly coronavirus

Nagini Shree |Jun 08, 2020

Recently, a man who died of liver infection was tested positive with coronavirus a day later after his funeral. This news stirred a strong concern because there are more than 400 people attended the last rites.

There are estimated more than 400 relatives who came to perform the last rites with a 55-year-old man passing due to liver malfunction in Maharashtra's Vasai are, but shockingly, the late was coronavirus positive one day after the funeral happening.

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The 55-year-old man was positive COVID 19 after being discharged from hospital

In terms of Covid-19 protocol, the death would be considered a Covid-19 death also if the person had been alive when the sample was taken — even if the person had died by the time the sample returned a positive result. And for the need precautions, the body has to be tested for Covid-19 before being handed over to the family. If the patient tests positive, the hospital can make the family members aware of the precautions that they must take while performing the last rites.

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Over 400 people attended the funeral

However, for this case, the staff of Cardinal Gracious hospital allegedly discharged the patient before his COVID-19 test results came in. The Municipal Corporation has asked the Cardinal Gracious Hospital to explain why the body was discharged from the hospital to home without waiting for the Covid-19 test report to arrive.

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The Covid-19 result only came in after 24 hours

The Hospital managers denied the allegations and insisted that they follow properly maintains rules and procedures while handing over the body.

The medical officials claimed that the 55-year-old man was taken to Cardinal Gracious Hospital with a liver infection. The hospital gave him the best treatment for 15 days, but on Thursday morning, his health went worse, and then he breathed the last. His body was tested for coronavirus conforming to the protocol, but the report only arrived after 24 hours.

The patient's relatives told the hospital that the man died of liver infection, therefore, there was no problem in handing over the body. Consequently, the body was discharged from the hospital afterward. Following the rituals, the family bathed the body, changed clothes, and other rites were performed.

After receiving the call from the hospital the day following, fear hit like the bomb for the family and hundreds of mourners.

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