Fake News Detected! Pakistan Leading Channel Slammed For Reporting Boris Johnson Death

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 10, 2020

As soon as Dawn published the news, many people on social networks called out the news channel for having delivered such a false report.

A top news channel of Pakistan named Dawn has recently misreported a story about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson death, saying he passed away due to coronavirus. After Dawn broadcast the news which left many people confused, India Today Anti Fake News War Room found out that it was completely untrue. In the meantime, Boris Johnson was actually having treatment at the intensive care unit as his symptoms got worse.

Uk Prime Minister
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is among high profile figures in the country tested positive to coronavirus

Dawn has really thrown a curveball on their viewers with that false piece of information. As a result of putting the cart before the horse, the Pakistanian news channel - Dawn has made a huge mistake when broadcasting news based on a BBC fake source.

In fact, this is just a fake twitter account named "BBC Breaking News" without the blue tick. AFWA was the one to fact check that account and identify its information as inaccurate. That twitter account is now no longer on Twitter.

Dawn Fake News
The news that PM John has died from the novel virus is totally untrue.

According to what we have figured out, this was a total phony since PM Boris was receiving treatment from the intensive care unit at the same moment. As soon as Dawn published the news, many people on social networks called out the news channel for having delivered such a false report. In his tweet, Journalist Atika Rehman tagged the news channel and stated that the Boris Johnson death was completely fake news. 

On April 7, an official announcement from UK cabinet office minister said that The PM was under oxygen support, ventilator at that time. Obviously, the treatment for him at ICU hasn’t required ventilators. The UK PM’s health condition has become a center of attention as the world's leading media houses are updating on the situation constantly.  

The coronavirus outbreak in the UK is getting worse with more than 52,000 confirmed cases. Prince Charles is among those who have contracted the virus, which left a large number of ministers and royal family members under quarantine. 

The United Kingdom is definitely one of the worst affected European countries. However, it’s completely wrong to believe in the story of the PM Boris Johnson death. He is alive and getting his coronavirus treatment after being moved to the Intensive care unit several days ago.

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