Boris Johnson Wants To Resign As UK Prime Minister After He Couldn't Make Ends Meet With Low Salary

Hanima Anand |Oct 20, 2020

Once in a blue moon, a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom plans to resign due to his low salary. That’s exactly the case of Boris Johnson with his £150k income.

Latest reports reveal that Boris Johnson has long complained about his salary as the UK Prime Minister, insisting he couldn’t survive with this low income. It’s also known that the annual salary of Boris Johnson as the UK PM is £150,402, equivalent to $194,763 or Rs. 1.4 crore.

Boris Johnson As UK PM
Mr. Boris expected much more from the UK government when running for the PM election.

The current Prime Minister of UK plans to resign when next spring comes, after sorting out Brexit deals. He explains that his salary as the most powerful politician in the country isn’t as high as his previous job. Due to this, his family couldn’t make ends meet given the total number of six children he has.

Also, Boris Johnson has to pay his ex-wife Marina Wheeler after their divorce. This plus his young children who definitely need huge financial support places a burden on his shoulder.

Boris Johnson Newborn Baby
His newborn son will need a considerable amount of finance to grow up.

Before taking charge of the UK PM position, Boris Johnson used to work for The Telegraph as a newspaper columnist. At that time, he was paid £23,000 monthly, which adds up to a total salary of £275,000 per year (Rs. 2.6 crore). That’s not to mention his extra income for giving lectures. He is believed to have earned £160,000 for 2 speeches in just one month then.

Reacting to the news, most citizens are shocked while some remain indifferent to the issue. They even comment on Boris Johnson as a typical adulterer who is always interested in the chase than the prize. Now when he already had what he wanted, he soon got bored of it.

Boris Johnson Children
Boris Johnson has up to 6 children, including a love child from secret relationship.

After the reports of Boris Johnson planning to resign leaks out, people have spotted some prominent candidates as the next Prime Minister of the UK if the rumour is true. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is currently the most outstanding person regarding his popularity among UK citizens.

Rishi Sunak has donated up to £3 billion during the coronavirus pandemic. This boosts his credential points, making him the top of cabinet satisfaction in a recent poll. Meanwhile, the current PM Boris Johnson hits the bottom in the survey.

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