Domestic Flights Standard Operating Procedure: New Rules And Changes For Passengers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Bhavna Acharya |May 21, 2020

Taking a flight in the time of coronavirus is way different. Check out the government standard operating procedures before taking your domestic flight next Monday!

After being suspended for two months, domestic flights in India are about to resume starting from next Monday, May 25th, 2020. In fact, online booking for domestic flights has been available today Thursday, May 21st. However, new rules will be applied, and not anyone is allowed to board on a plane amid the coronavirus outbreak. Check out the list of new rules and changes for domestic flights in time of coronavirus.

Domestic Flight Coronavirus
Airline companies are cleaning their planes to avoid coronavirus infection

New rules and regulations for passengers:

As the government worked on a special set of standard operating procedures (SOP) for flight passengers, there will be new rules and regulations for anyone who wants to travel by plane. The detailed is as following:

  • Passengers need to ensure the social distancing regulation at the airport and on the plane
  • All passengers will be scanned and checked to make sure their body temperature is at the usual state. The screening will be taken on both departure and arrival.
  • Anyone who shows sickness symptoms like getting a fever or coughing are not allowed to board on planes
  • It’s mandatory for passengers to wear facemasks and other personal protective equipment while traveling by plane
Domestic Flight Coronavirus 3
There will be updated procedures for flights passengers so you'd better present at the airport earlier than usual
  • Passengers are allowed to bring along a maximum 350ml liquid of hand sanitizer on board until August 13, 2020.
  • Passengers need to submit their past history relating to coronavirus and quarantine via a questionnaire.
  • Please show up at the airport at least 2 hours earlier for a medical checkup and avoid missing your flight. It might take much time to wait due to the variety of health checks and long queues.
Airport Coron
You're allowed to bring liquid hand sanitizer to the plane but do not exceed 350ml

Please share it to your friends and follow the mentioned regulation to make sure that you and other passengers can stay safe while traveling on domestic flights.

Check out tips to stay safe while traveling with public transportation:

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