Delhi High Court Put An End To Love Jihad Controversy: Adult Woman Is Free To Live With Whoever She Wishes

Hanima Anand |Nov 27, 2020

The 20-year-old woman who was reported missing by her own family was allowed to reunite with her husband. The court also stated undeniable rights of every single adult woman in India.

Recently, the love jihad controversy is raging in various online forums in which people are polarized as whether an adult has the right to marry anyone he or she goes for, regardless of their family’s disapproval or social prejudices.

The debate is coming to an end when the Delhi high court has directed that a 20-year-old woman named Sulekha was legally permitted to reunite with her husband Babloo against the objection from her own family members.

Previously, Sulekha’s sister had claimed this woman was kidnapped when she was a minor by Babloo, accordingly requesting legal actions against the man.

Delhi High Court
The freedom to choose one's spouse is again emphasized by Delhi HC.

However, the Delhi high court has verified in a video conference with Sulekha that when she left home, she was already an adult. To be specific, Sulekha was born in 2000, so she was no longer a minor on September 12, 2020 when she left with Babloo. Therefore, she has the right of an adult to live wherever and with whoever she wishes.

The court then ordered local police to escort Sulekha to her husband’s residence, at the same time warning her families not to threaten either their daughter or her chosen man Babloo.

In the conference with Delhi HC, Sulekha confirmed she went with Babloo of her own free will and she has married him. The court even provided Sulekha the mobile number of a police station whom she could contact if necessary.

Love Jihad Controversy In India
Will these court statements put an end to the debate or spark more controversies?

For your information, before this Delhi high court’s decision, the Allahabad high court also quashed a criminal case registered against a man of interfaith marriage. The court clearly stated that the “interference in a personal relationship would constitute serious encroachment into the right to freedom of choice of the two individuals.”

Similarly, the Allahabad HC also elaborated on the freedom of choice, including the right to choose whom an individual would like to live with.

The statements from both high courts have given a straight-forward answer to the question of love jihad in India. In brief, no one or nothing could prevent two adult individuals from living their own life. Everyone should be given freedom to choose their spouse without objection from families or religion.

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