Over 110 Countries Want To Investigate WHO And Coronavirus Origin

Hanima Anand |May 20, 2020

Despite the objection from China, saying it’s too early for an investigation, more than 110 countries have agreed to investigate the responsibility of WHO as well as the origin of coronavirus.

While coronavirus pandemic is causing hundred thousand deaths worldwide, its origin as well as vaccine to cure the disease remains unknown. This has urged affected countries to call for an independent inquiry into the response of WHO - World Health Organization, along with the origin of the deadly virus.

Who Director General And Jin Xiping
WHO Director General in a meeting with Xi Jinping - President of China

This movement occurs after US President Donald Trump continuously accused WHO of acting according to Chinese benefits. He even said WHO was a puppet of China and threatened to cut all American funding for this organization if they don’t show improvements within the next 30 days.

Donald Trump Criticizing Who
Donald Trump will halt US funding for WHO if this organization doesn't improve.

The proposal of an inquiry towards WHO global response during the pandemic was drafted by Australia first, which would is set to be voted at World Health Assembly this week. The draft also emphasized the need to investigate China if this country intentionally hides the origin of coronavirus.

However, a second version was proposed by EU didn’t mention China directly. The resolution just signaled support for launching an independent investigation into WHO, given the untimely response of this committee towards the pandemic.

Over 110 nations have expressed their approval of this proposal.

Wuhan In Lockdown
Wuhan, China is the first city to record coronavirus.

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World Health Assembly, part of the United Nations is the governing body of WHO. It has 194 members and will held a meeting this week to vote for the inquiry.

The draft will be passed if at least two-thirds of assembly agree. That means it needs 130 countries or more for support.

Regarding China, this country insisted that Donald Trump and some other countries disrespect its effort in containing the pandemic with strict measures at the beginning. Chinese government also said on Monday that it was too early to start such an investigation.

When getting the news Australia drafted the first proposal, China had adamantly opposed it. This government even threatened to impose more tariffs as well as barriers as a form of punishment.

China Threatens To Boycott Australia
Chinese government threatens to boycott Australia if this country insists on investigating the origin of coronavirus.

Should the investigation be passed and the result indicated China was to be blamed, this most populated nation would probably have to compensate for the worldwide loss due to coronavirus pandemic. That’s why it tries to reject such proposals by all means.

Back to India, the number of coronavirus confirmed cases has spiked in recent days, adding up to over 100,000 cases nationwide till date.

Please keep yourself informed and stick to prevention methods to avoid the infection.

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