Coronavirus Rumors Debunked: Truths or Hoaxes?

Rose Advani |Feb 05, 2020

Along with the outbreak of 2019 nCoV, many Coronavirus rumors come, causing the fear for everyone. People should update the exact information to avoid the fear and some wrong actions to the outbreak.

The outbreak of Coronavirus put the world in a medical alert from WHO. As estimated on 4 February, we lost more than 490 people and over 24,000 in the infection cases. The nCoV virus has spread to 28 countries and regions, including India with three cases of Coronavirus infection (Kerela).

India has confirmed 3 cases of Coronavirus infection (5 Feb,2020)

With the fast-growing of this new virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus epidemic as an international concern. And the world is implementing preventing methods to control the outbreak and protect all citizens.


However, Coronavirus rumors in recent times threaten the world that putting everyone in panic status. Here is some popular coronavirus rumor that you must identify which is real or unreal to get a true solution to fight against this new virus.

Rumor 1: Pets can spread Coronavirus

There is no proof to confirm that pets as dogs and cats can be contracted this virus, then spread to the human. However, you still should wash your hands carefully after contacting with pets to avoid some other diseases.

WHO indicates that Pets are not the cause to spread this new virus (Source: WHO)

Sadly, the rumors have caused the death of many cats and dogs in Shanghai and Tianjin City in Hebei Province. Citizens rudely threw their pets down from the blocks to avoid the virus.

Cats are thrown from the block in Shanghai

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Rumor 2: There is no cure to kill the nCoV

It’s true that there is no vaccine to control this new virus but does not mean that there is no cure for this illness. WHO stated that:


However, this does not mean this pneumonia-causing by this 2019-nCoV cannot be treated. Currently, there are lots of Coronavirus cases are treated successfully. And the Vaccine for Coronavirus will be soon created.

WHO's Alert the world about Coronavirus


So, you should never let the fear of infecting this virus controlling all your activities, just follow the prevention methods from medical professionals.

Rumor 3:  People should stop eating meat

Though Coronavirus is originated from a seafood and animal market in Wuhan. However, it’s wrong that stopping eating meat will control the diseases. As the information from healthcare organizations, 2029-nCoV spread by the droplets that be generated during coughing and sneezing.

Notably, eating the food that was cooked carefully also contribute to protecting us from some bacteria and virus.

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Rumor 4:  You will get the virus when receiving packages or products from China

It’s an obviously wrong rumor. Factually, the virus rarely survives after being on some packages and products. So, if you are afraid of getting the virus through receiving packages or products from China, you now get away from your worries.

Source: WHO

Rumor 5: Snakes and bats are the origins of the new virus

To date, there is no study indicating that the origin of Coronavirus is from snakes and bats. According to the Journal of Medical Virology on January 22, they just suggested that the 2019-nCoV probably coming from snakes but without any clues. So, it’s too early to confirm this information.

No Clues showing that snakes is the origin of this virus

Under the outbreak of 2019 nCoV, everyone must keep a smart brain to identify which are the real information or which are just Coronavirus rumors to get the right actions to fight against this outbreak without suffering to anyone.

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