Coronavirus Outbreak In India: 29 New Cases, PM Modi Says No To Holi Festival

Salena Harshini |Mar 05, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak in India is sending people in dismay with the upsurge of 29 new confirmed cases. PM Narendra Modi suggested people not attend large gatherings including Holi.

There has been a coronavirus outbreak in India on March 4 with 23 new cases that adds even more panic in the nation. The total number of coronavirus-infected cases is now 29.

The latest coronavirus cases is an employee from Paytm, an e-commerce payment system and financial technology enterprise in India. The employee works in the office in Gurgaon, a city only south-west of New Delhi and he had lately returned from a vacation in Italy – the country with the largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe currently.

Paytm is going to two among its offices – one in Gurgaon and one in Noida - for at least a couple of days.

Coronavirus Outbreak In India
Coronavirus outbreak in India increases panic (source: India Today)

Harsh Vardhan, Health Minister of India, said earlier on March 4 that 16 Italian tourists along with an Indian who was working as a driver had been diagnosed positive for this fatal bug.

Moreover, six relatives of a positive- confirmed man on Monday had also tested positive for coronavirus.

At a press conference, the minister said that the government was taking every measure to raise awareness. Panic is trivial but people can stay away from mass gatherings.

Amid the panic purchase of masks and disinfectant across different regions of India, PM Narendra Modi, who had spurred Indians not to be anxious, also urged them to not engage in large gatherings.

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Narenda Coronavirus Outbreak In India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges people to avoid attending large gatherings

In detail, Mr. PM tweeted that experts all over the globe had advised lessening mass gatherings in order to avoid Covid-19. He also added that this year, he had decided not to attend any Holi Milan program.

For the unversed, Milan stands for “gathering” in Hindi.

Holi is a customary Hindu festival, also known as the festival of colors. In Holi, people will bedaub each other with color by throwing colored water or water-packed balloons.

This festival marks the spring arrival and people usually come together and celebrate the festival on the day.

Holi Coronavirus Outbreak In India
Laborers dry colored powder to be used during the upcoming Holi (source: AFP)

Cabinet colleagues of Mr. Modi, consisting of Home Minister Amit Shah, also took to Twitter that they wouldn’t partake in Holi programs like other political leaders, for ex. Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.

An announcement was also made by President Ramnath Kovind that the ethnic Holi celebrations held at the house of the President were canceled as a preventative measure.

The sudden upturn in coronavirus outbreak in India resulted in the government holding many high-level meetings amidst disclosures that India will now check every passenger coming into the country in the middle of the ongoing plague. The first three cases of India originated from Kerala have recovered.

Dr. Vardhan said in a press conference that from that moment, every passenger and flight will be included in universal screening instead of only 12 nations listed before. The previously mentioned countries had included Singapore.

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Airport Coronavirus Outbreak In India
People at airports and railway stations are checked thoroughly amid coronavirus outbreak in India

What all passengers have to do is submitting their self-declaration forms on their arrival. The forms have their travel history and contact details which will be submitted to the airport’s health and immigration officials. As of now, there have been 589 thousand people screened at the airports.

In another outcome of the coronavirus outbreak in India, the government also limited the export of 26 pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines including antibiotics and Paracetamol after the disordering of supplies from China.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak in India, the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) reported a ban on antibiotics and Paracetamol export including those such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Erythromycin as well as their formulations for the prevention of shortages in the nation. China takes up 65 to 70 percent of supply from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with materials, intermediaries needed for drug making.

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