Coronavirus Meme: Proof That Quarantine Life Does Not Suck That Much

Salena Harshini |Mar 18, 2020

Coronavirus meme has started flooding the internet which is proof that humanity uses humor in abundance to cope with disasters. Check out some outstanding choices we've selected here.

Well, when it comes to dealing with human needs, humans themselves can go to diverse, mind-blowing lengths. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has also sent the whole world into an unprecedent, strange place. With the emergence of globalization, this virus has been spreading with an outrageous speed on an unimaginable scale.

There have been nearly 200k confirmed cases until now in only four months and the number keeps on climbing day by day. In all seriousness, the social media, as always, has sought out a method to deal with this novel issue: memes.

Meme Class Coronavirus Meme

The millennials of 2020, with their convenient access to the Internet, who are now being in quarantine or isolation have found ways to see the “brighter side of this pandemic. Students and schools are currently shut down to assure students’ safety, hence, many jokes and humor are starting from home-hailed learning and online classes.

Take a look at some hysterical coronavirus meme here:

Coronavirus Meme

Coronavirus Meme1

Check out what 2020 graduation photos would be like, according to some:

Coronavirus Meme 2

Coronavirus Meme 3

So things have changed, a lot. This meme says it all:

Coronavirus Meme4

Coronavirus Meme5

Corona Meme 1

There are many coronavirus meme about not washing hands.

Coronavirus Meme 7

While citizens in many regions over the world are panic buying everything in the grocery stores, toilet paper has become a national treasure in countries where bum guns are not in use. Coronavirus meme about toilet paper sudden stockpiling has also gone viral.

Meme Toilet Coronavirus Meme

Coronavirus Meme 8

Going out in the streets means you have to take many precautions and people have also figured out a way to solve the challenge in these quite accurate depictions.

Coronavirus Meme 9

Got to get to the store, people! Coronavirus meme can literally give you lessons.

Meme Corona 3 Coronavirus Meme

Meanwhile, in Spain, a person is seen trying to leave the house dressed as a T-rex. The policeman had to show up and asked them what was going on.

Other nations be like:

Coronavirus Meme 9

Coronavirus Meme 10

The memes have been flooding Twitter and other platforms like TikTok while people are still confused about how to react and what to do upon this situation.

Coronavirus Meme 11

How to get away with many things:

Corona Meme

Coronavirus Meme 12

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Don't you sneeze!

Coronavirus Meme 13Coronavirus Meme 14

Coronavirus Meme 15

Another hilarious coronavirus meme. Someone even edited the cardboard sign in President Donald Trump's national emergency speech like this:

Coronavirus Meme 16

Over the weeks, hashtag #coronavirus is becoming more and more used with the mention number of 5.5 billion on applications. Social media is the way of the now-generation to cope with tragedies like coronavirus. No wonder why we have been treated with a lot of A+ content.

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