African Youth Set Trend With Coronavirus Hairstyle To Promote Public Awareness, Take A Look!

Bhavna Acharya |May 12, 2020

While the whole world is having a hard time struggling with coronavirus, hair salons in East Africa are witnessing a new hairstyle trend called ‘coronavirus hairstyle’ which spreads among youngsters faster than the novel virus can. 

More than a pandemic, coronavirus is definitely one of the hottest keywords over the past few months that everything which is tagged with ‘coronavirus’ becomes trendy like coronavirus porn, coronavirus cake to hat and T-shirt. Meanwhile, hair salons in East Africa are witnessing a new hairstyle trend called ‘coronavirus hairstyle’ which spreads among youngsters faster than coronavirus can. 

Coronavirus Hairstyle 2
Coronavirus hairstyle help raising people’s awareness about the pandemic

As Africa is being flooded with modern and fancy wigs from China and Brazil, the traditional braided hairstyles are going out of fashion in most parts of the region. However, coronavirus came and changed the way people want to get their hair done. 

Coronavirus Hairstyle
Two girls in Africa are seen with the trendy coronavirus hairstyles

According to Refa a hairdresser in Kibera, the biggest slum of Kenyan, there are more and more girls who want to make their hair braided like small antennae spikes which look similar to the coronavirus. 

In fact, the coronavirus hairstyle has nothing to do with fashion. However, youngsters in East Africa want to make it popular to raise people's awareness of the novel virus. In their country, the grown-ups don’t believe that coronavirus is real. They denied washing their hands or wearing masks. That’s why hairdressers like Refa came up with the idea of the offbeat hairstyle which is also affordable to everyone.

Coronavirus Hairstyle Photo
The interesting hairstyle echoes coronavirus structure.

Surprisingly, this hairstyle not only raises public awareness of the pandemic but also saves budget for households. No need for barbershops or complex haircut.

Coronavirus hairstyle is easy to make, right at home!

Coronavirus Hairstyle 3
Coronavirus hairstyle is cheap and affordable to make

Just like any other country in the world, the coronavirus crisis has hit East Africa and taken the toll of the whole region’s economy. In slums like Kibera, most people lose their job due to the pandemic. That’s why parents prefer a cheap hairstyle for their kids no matter what it looks.

Mariam Rashid, a 26-year-old mother, told reporters:

“COVID-19 has destroyed the economy, taken our jobs from us, and now money is scarce. I therefore decided to have my child’s hair done up like this at an affordable 50 shillings, and she looks good. The hairstyle also helps in communicating with the public about the virus.”

According to their sharing, this coronavirus hairstyle only costs around 50 cents while a normal hairdo takes them $3 to $5, and this amount is a luxury at the moment.

As all of us are still under the lockdown, you can create a funny coronavirus hairstyle on your own with these quick tips:

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