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Salena Harshini |Sep 21, 2020

The lastest spy movie is about one of the most concerned topics set in one of the most urgent surroundings nowadays, India-China relations amid global pandemic. Watch the film!

A new movie has recently been released on Zee5 and as the film starred a number of known stars like Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, and Kulraj Randhawa, it has one of the most sought-after topics these days. If you have not had a chance to see what this movie is about, let’s get on with our London Confidential full movie download.

The spy movie about India-China relation amid coronavirus pandemic 

When the world is already struggling with the global pandemic, there is an outbreak of yet another dangerous Chinese-origin virus that emerges in the area. London Confidential insinuates an intrusion of zoonosis. However, the Chinese is trying the best to keep it under wraps.

One week before he can present the proof of Chinese involvement at a London-held virology summit, Biren Ghosh - an agent from the Research & Analysis Wing of the Indian Intelligence agency is obstructed and killed by the Chinese spy organization. An officer of RAW – Uma (Mouni Roy) and Arjun (Purab Kohli), her colleague must search the mole among the Chinese source and the Indian ranks before the intelligence of China do. The officers are accompanied by the Indian ambassador to Nirupa, the UK, portrayed by actor Kulraj Randhawa.

Mouni Roy is the main actress of the new film

Moreover, a big revelation is only seven days away and the direct connection to an important evidence piece has disappeared out of nowhere. So what is in the way for the Indian government and the entire globe in general?

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Helmed by filmmaker Kanwal Sethi and scripted by established author Hussain Zaidi, the movie indeed focuses on the issue of fatal laboratory-manufactured viruses and the nation’s haggard relation with China. Although the subject may attract a lot of attention, the execution of the film is commented to be not as such.

A number of scenes from London Confidential full movie download

To its credit, the spy movie neither has those straightforward Chinese-bashings nor long patriotic monologues. Get London Confidential full movie download and you will see that the flick is centered on Arjun and Uma chasing something vague and wrong leads instead of biological warfare angle.

Besides the apparent game of cat-and-mouse, the plot of London Confidential is said to be quite paper-thin and needs longer runtime to hit its perfection, Meanwhile, it has a special visual tone pinned in the narrative which helps save the deal. The strange silence and the cityscapes uncluttering is the reminder of the surroundings and this familiarity perfectly strikes home.

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Also, while you actually get your London Confidential full movie download and watch it, you will be able to see what we have been talking about.

Watch the latest Mouni Roy movies with London Confidential online watch free

From time to time, some reminders are made present to remind the slightest mistake from both parties that could result in war how vital it is to make sure the involvement of intelligence agencies discreet strictly.

Even the title of London Confidential full movie download emphasizes on the significance of keeping it “confidential”. And yet, attacks still happen in the full view of surveillance cameras with even eyewitnesses. Suspects can go do their tasks in houses having glass windows and undrawn curtains without having to drop a sweat.

Although showing shots of London with people putting on masks and an outdoor advertisement ‘stay home, do not travel, save lives’, just minutes into the film, the regulations are easily forgotten with characters hitting crowded strip clubs and elaborate parties.

Talking about the cast, they seem not to have equal performances. Mouni Roy is watchful and somewhat restrained as Uma and although denoted belly is sometimes forgotten, the actress is sincere with her effort. While the execution of the movie is not quite appreciated, Mouni Roy is said to get her role right and it is a shame that she did not have more combat action.

Kulraj Randhwa, as the Indian Ambassador, stumbles a bit as Nirupama Datta even though she possesses a strong screen presence overall. Purab Kohli performs mainly with speaking in riddles and as a man preferring consensual sex. Purab does take the light in a number of scenes but in total, his part does not really impress.

All in all, London Confidential was meant to be a movie with intense details but there seem to be too many loose ends and the twists and turns are too predictable and bland.

Watch London Confidential for an interesting topic

This movie is still watchable if you like topics of saving the world and fight the impossible. Make sure to check out our London Confidential full movie download and enjoy it.

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