Bermuda Triangle: 5 Most Mysterious Missing Incidents That Remain Unsolved

Salena Harshini |Jul 30, 2020

Bermuda Triangle, the most deadly region in the world, is related to hundreds of appearances and supernatural incidents. Read 5 most mysterious cases here!

Bermuda Triangle is a term for the waters in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, made up of 3 areas: Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and a point near Melbourne (Florida, USA).

Since 1851, about 8127 people have disappeared from the Devil’s Triangle. This area also has a very unusual magnetic field, which makes the compass inoperable. Moreover, there are often tornadoes on the sea, especially in summer, and winds can reach up to the speed of 190km/h.

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle is famous as the most dangerous and mysterious region in the world

The stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle date back to the era of Christopher Columbus, but it was especially noticeable in the 20th century when the USS Cyclops cargo ship with more than 300 people aboard went missing in the area.

Here is a list of the most noted stories about missing or unresolved mysteries about the ship and aircraft incidents in the Bermuda triangle.

Flight 19

Flight 19 was a group of five US Navy TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that lost contact and then disappeared during training flight December 5, 1945 over the area of the Devil’s Triangle. The death toll included all 14 crew members of Flight 19, as well as 13 crew members who came to the rescue and searched for them.

Flight 19 still remains unsolved till this day

The Marine Inspectorate concluded that Flight 19 was disoriented and fell into the ocean after the plane ran out of fuel and claimed that the six aircraft’s remains with 27 men were unfound due to the stormy weather. However, people still believed that the reason behind this was the deadly Bermuda Triangle.

Until today, no trace of aircraft or bodies was ever discovered.

During the 1960s and 1970s, publishers and writers like Vincent Gaddis and Charles Berlitz thought that Flight 19 was "swallowed" by the Bermuda Triangle.

In the film "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind", Flight 19 was taken to Mars by a UFO

Many other theories suggest that the difference phenomenon, parallel space, and aliens may be the cause of the tragedy. In 1977, the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released, depicting Flight 19 being abducted to Mars by a UFO.

Mary Celeste

This is one of the most mysterious stories about shipwrecks. The ship was stranded at sea after starting its journey from New York to Genoa, Italy.

Onboard were seven crew members, captain Benjamin Briggs, his 2-year-old daughter, and his wife and. At this time the ship was filled with alcohol. But in December 1872, a British ship found Mary Celeste off the Azores Islands, near the demon triangle with almost everything intact, except that the entire crew had disappeared with the lifeboat.

Mary Celeste
Mary Celeste also disappeared peculiarly in the Hurricane Valley

Studies of the ship ruled out the possibility of a pirate attack because everything on this ship including the casks it was carrying and the crew's valuable belongings remained intact. Many hypotheses propose that it was a crime plot, the abduction of aliens, and even the attack of a giant squid...

However, these speculations are clearly inappropriate. So far, it has not been explained why a group of completely skilled crews on a good weather day with a completely unbroken ship just vanished into the air

Ellen Austin

This is also a mystery related to the terrifying Bermuda Triangle.

In 1881, the 64-meter-long Ellen Austin ship was on its way from London to New York and approached the Bermuda Triangle when it spotted an unmanned ship drifting ahead.


Captain Baker of Ellen Austin requested careful observation of this no-owner ship for 2 days to ensure it was not a pirate trap. Later, he and his crew entered the abandoned ship and found a carefully packed shipment but found no trace of the crew.

The captain's intention was to tow the ship after Ellen Austin, so he sent a group from his crew there to control the ship. However, a few days later when the two ships were moving on the quiet waters, the abandoned one suddenly separated and abruptly disappeared.

A week later, Captain Baker stumbled upon the ship again while it was hopelessly drifting in a distance. After many hours of efforts, Ellen Austin caught up to the ship and the captain was shocked to find that his crew was missing.

Ellen Austin Encounter
The crew encountered Ellen Austin (source: Something Interesting)

But the attempt to bring the ship back to land ended with the same earlier fate. People think that that the ship was cursed. Many reports also show that the derelict ship had its crew changed several times and every time it appeared empty with the disappearance of the entire crew.

This has become a secret of the Bermuda Triangle, a story that seems to have no chance of being elucidated.

USS Cyclops

The disappearance of USS Cyclops, one of Navy's largest fuel tankers, marked the biggest loss in the history of the US Navy.

In 1918, this giant ship sailed from Brazil to Baltimore through the Bermuda area, having 10,800 tons of manganese ore on it with about 309 crew members on board. Departing on a good weather day, the first and only message sent from the train showed a hassle-free start.

Uss Cyclops

Soon after, however, no news was heard from the USS Cyclops. Search and rescue centers have searched the whole area but have found no clues. No remains of the ship or any of its crew were seen.

The captain of the USS Cyclops never sent an emergency signal and no one on board answered radio calls from other ships in the close areas. Navy investigators also found no clear cause for the disappearance of the USS Cyclops. The extremely mysterious disappearance of Cyclops has reached the list of more than 100 ships and planes that have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.


In December 1967, a yacht named Witchcraft left Miami with Captain Dan Burack and Father Patrick Horgan. The journey of two gentlemen on the luxurious 7m yacht was to enjoy the wonderful view of Miami Christmas Eve.

The last seen image of the Witchcraft yacth

However, after only 1.6 km from the coast, the coast guard received a call from the captain saying that his ship had hit something but there was no significant damage. When the rescue team approached the area where the Witchcraft ship signaled the distress, they found an empty sea, with no sign of any ships stranded or even present here before.

The strangest thing in this story is that Witchcraft is a modern ship that has a lot of life-saving equipment, including life jackets, lifeboats, flares, incident warning devices ... but they were not used and the ship suddenly and completely disappeared.

Bermuda 1
There are a lot of unsolved disappearances regarding Bermuda Triangle

Coast guard officials searched hundreds of square kilometers in the ocean for several weeks but were unsuccessful. To this day, no trace of the ship has been found and what remains is speculations and various assumptions.

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