Australia And UK Lockdown May Last For 6 Months, According To Reports

Salena Harshini |Mar 27, 2020

National lockdown is being carried out across the world. Australia and UK lockdown, among others, are reported to be possibly lasting for six months.

As the novel coronavirus is continuing to spread, several countries have put their people on various forms of lockdown. India, France, China, New Zealand, and Italy are among those that have carried out the world’s biggest and most constricting mass quarantines. And while other nations’ quarantine may last from two weeks to a month, Australia and UK lockdown is reported to probably last for six months.

Uk Lockdown
Australia and UK lockdown is reported to last for 6 months or more

Firstly, the United Kingdom went into full lockdown on this Monday. PM Boris Johnson informed that all citizens can only step out for exercise (one form per day), essential work, buying medicine or food. Moreover, gatherings of over two people – not including people that live together – will be prohibited, as well as most ceremonies apart from funerals.

Britons have been informed that they could face a six-month “measures of lockdown” in order to fight the coronavirus. The announcement was made by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and it also involved a package of benefits to support the self-employed whose businesses have collapsed during this crisis.

Uk Loc
UK lockdown order has been issued and its extent is still unconfirmed

Jenny Harris, deputy chief medical officer, denoted that the Covid-19 impact will be present for much of the year, but she hoped that a facade of normality can be felt in the gut at the end of August – the usual summer break.

“The whole country wants to be back to normal as soon as can, six months is a general look forward about this sort of pandemic,’’ said Ms. Harries.

Police Bristol Live
Police will be in charge of enforcing the national lockdown

Until now, it seems that the UK has shunned from the mass outbreak of cases like in the US, Spain and Italy, mainly accredited to the “shielding of elderly and vulnerable persons’’ of the British government. Meanwhile, Londoners who are healthier and younger on the whole compared to other parts of the country may be contracting the coronavirus impact without having many health issues. There have been 11,658 cases across the country as of late.

Secondly, Australia is also working on the lockdown announcement. They began shutting down clubs, pubs, houses of worship and gyms on Monday post a leap in coronavirus infections and after thousands did not obey social distancing norms and gathered at bars, restaurants, and beaches.

A Tourist Wearing A Face Mask Walks With Others As
A tourist wearing a face mask walks with others in Canberra (AFP)

As told by PM Scott Morrison to the Parliament on Monday, “There will be no more going to the pub after work, no more going to the gym in the morning, and no more sitting down for brunch at a café.”

The nation leader referred to the huge economic and immense affairs as the “toughest year of our lives” while warned Australians to get ready for a shutdown which may last for six months.

Australia lockdown (source: Daily Mail)

Today, health officials of Australia are putting the nationwide full lockdown on discussion. The leaders are taking measures to control the quick coronavirus spread while also finding an effective way to put the entire economy on hold and save as many businesses and jobs as possible.

After the early slow infection rate, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Australia has crossed a number of 3,000 with the majority lie at New South Wales and Victoria.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (source: Getty Images)

Among those, there have been 13 cases of demise, including seven in New South Wales, two in Western Australia, three in Victoria and one in Queensland.

Australia and UK lockdown is the first until this moment to have the possibility of lasting for 6 months. Meanwhile, other countries are finding the most suitable way to cope with the spread of this pandemic.

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