When & How To Order At-Home Covid-19 Treatment From Hospitals In NCR

Hanima Anand |Jun 09, 2020

When the number of covid-19 patients is skyrocketing, you should know when you are eligible for home treatment and how you can order this service.

If you are living in the national capital region, then you are luckier than many others in this country when you can order this healthcare service for Covid-19 treatment at home. Several private hospitals in Delhi have offered this package to their coronavirus patients.

When you should order Covid-19 treatment at home

Of course you should contact healthcare personnel immediately when having symptoms of infection. Then, you must take a coronavirus test to confirm whether you are infected or not. You can check the list of coronavirus test locations in India here.

Covid 19 Treatment In India
Covid-19 treatment at-home services will ease the burden on Delhi hospitals.

Once you get positive result, you have to evaluate your health condition. If you don’t have serious health problems, you can choose home isolation and order Covid-19 treatment at home from private hospitals.

Make sure you DON’T have these symptoms:

  • Difficult breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Mental confusion
  • Discoloration of lips or face

Also, you can stay at home for isolation if you can meet these requirements:

  • Approval from medical official
  • Adequate facilities for isolation from family members
  • A full-time care-giver with protective measures
  • 24/7 communication channel between your side and hospital
  • 24/7 active on Arogya Setu App so your movement can be tracked
  • Regular reports of health condition to District Surveillance Officer
  • Completing self-isolation form and conforming to home quarantine guidelines
Covid 19 Treatment At Home
Home-isolated patients must strictly follow guidelines from medical officers.

How to order Covid-19 treatment at home services

Please note that not all private hospitals provide this service as it require a number of remote systems and medical care kits to connect patients with doctors all the time. Any sign of health deterioration must be informed to nurses or doctors so timely adjustment is made.

Currently, there are 3 private hospitals to offer at-home treatment for Covid-19 patients. They are:

  • Max Healthcare
  • Medanta
  • Fortis

When patients order at-home treatment and are eligible for home isolation, these hospitals will send a medical kit (generally a thermometer and an oxygen saturation metre) then a trained nurse to monitor patients’ health twice a day. Online reports to doctors will also be used to prescribe essential medicine.

Other protective tools for patients themselves and their caregivers are provided as well, such as face masks, gloves, thermometer, sanitisers, pulse oximeter, blood pressure machine, and PPE kit.

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Covid 19 Treatment At Home 2
Nurses will help check patients' vitals daily and report to doctors.

More than 190 patients are using this at-home treatment in Max’s and Medanta’s systems.

Here are the contacts of these service providers. You will be given detailed guidelines after contacting them.

  • Max Healthcare contacts:

Website: https://www.maxhealthcare.in/


Delhi/ NCR: 0114055 4055

Mohali: 77107-77107

Dehradun: 0135 7193333

Bathinda: +91 0164-5212000

  • Medanta contacts:

Website: medantaeclinic.org


For OPD appointments: +91 124 4141414

For tele-consult: +91 124 4855017

  • Fortis contacts:

Website: https://www.fortishealthcare.com/

Hotlines: +91 11 23978046

Please contact medical officers for more instructions. Do not opt for home isolation without proper consultation.

Covid-19 treatment at home services are for pre-symptomatic cases only.

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