Video Of Sick Thug Turning The Homeless A Human Fireball Enraged The Internet

Nagini Shree |Jun 05, 2020

That horrifying moment happened in the center of Luton when a sick thug sprayed gasoline and set fire on a sleeping homeless man.

Police now have released a frightening video of a sick thug setting fire to an innocent homeless man. The 53-year-old David Weir sprayed a flammable liquid over Thomas Smith, 30, as he was sleeping outside a fast-food restaurant in George Street on New Year's Day.

David Weir admitted that his revenge attack came from after an argument due to being 'floored' by Smith. Weir had been drinking heavily when he attacked that homeless man the next afternoon, knowing he would be in his usual spot in George Street.

Homeless Man Set On Fire
The video was captured by CCTV

In a statement, the victim described the pain as "unreal".

"I have no idea why he would do this to me. The level of violence and aggression was so extreme I have no doubt he intended to kill me. One minute I'm minding my own business, the next I'm fighting for my life in a ball of flames."

Witnesses saw Thomas rolling around on the pavement and rushed to help him and tried to put the flames out. He believes that it was only thanks to his bushy beard that he survives without severe facial injuries. The homeless man was also grateful to the heroin passengers for their immediate aids.

Whilst in custody, Weir was abusive and even threatening to officers. He was further arrested for assault on an emergency worker after spitting at a police constable and threatening to urinate on him. Finally, the sick thug pleaded guilty with intent and assault on an emergency worker. He was sentenced to jail for 10 years and six months.

David Weir
David Weir attacked Thomas Smith in Luton on New Year’s Day

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